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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maytag Neptune Dryer issue on Internet

Here is on taken from the site regarding a Neptune dryer.

"Maytag Neptune dryer keeps braking and ruined tons of clothing!"

by Rachel s. Written to Maytag CorporationPosted Mon April 28, 2008 11:02 pm

We purchased a Maytag Neptune dryer not even two years ago. We have had numerous problems with it for over a year now and the repairman have been here on several occassions. At first it was shrinking all of our clothes even when dried on the extra low drying feature. I did several loads of laundry when I bought the kids back to school and fall clothes last year. I didn't realize it, but the drum was broke. There was a sharp piece of metal sticking out of the drum so that put holes and tears in all my kids brand new clothes!

The repairman came and fixed the drum when it finally came in, as of course it was on back order. Then that same day, I had to call back as it was still making a loud noise. Turns out the new drum broke something inside when it was being repaired, so again, we had to wait for a part and wait for them to repair it.

A few months passes and aqain the dryer is making extremely loud noises and still shrinking our clothes. You can even hear it when you are outside. We had a repairman come out and turns out the drum is broke again. The part took weeks to come in as it was on back order. When the repairman shows up with it and opens it, the new drum was damaged during the shipping process and he has to order a new one, which is still on back order. We are still waiting for the part to come. In the meantime, all of our clothes are stained up terribly from the broken drum as the felt type piece is lose and getting dark dirt stains on everything. Before I realized this, I washed all of my sons and my own new birthday clothes (we got in March) and kids spring clothes which have stains on everything that won't come out. Tons of brand new clothes with stains that won't come out. Hundreds of dollars down the drain again!

I had brain surgery this year for an incurable neurological disorder I was born with. Then I had a follow up surgery for complications. I cannot take my 2 and 3 year old daughters to the laundromat to do laundry as I am not allowed to drive, nor am I allowed to lift heavy loads of laundry or them. Not to mention, who can do that with two little ones anyway? This is a HUGE incovenience. I have lost hundreds of dollars worth of new clothes and some old clothes as well. And to boot, my dryer is still not fixed. My youngest just turned two on Friday and I cannot wash all of her new clothes as they will all get ruined. I am furious.

I want my dryer replaced with something that won't keep braking. I want something to be done since I have lost hundreds of dollars worth of clothes on two occassions from this defective dryer we have paid about $800 for. This has been over a year of inconvenience. I want what we paid for, a reliable dryer.

I will happily send pictures I have taken of our brand new stained clothing. My husband has written to customer service who has not been of any help to our situation.PLEASE correct this impossible and severely frustrating situation. I cannot wash our clothes because of this and because of my medical condition cannot go to the laundromat either. Something needs to be done as we have no clean clothes left and all our recent clothes are ruined.

I will eagerly be awaiting a timely response with some suggestions to rectify this situation. Thank you for your time. "

This is terrible customer service from Maytag?


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