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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Neptune Control Board resister R43 bad

This is a Maytag washer/dryer stack. I press the washer start button. The door lock goes on, the machine makes filling noise, then a minute later it stops. The door lock light remains on. I've tried starting just the rinse/spin cycle, and the same results.

The repair guy made a service call and reported the machine suffered a power surge that fried the control board. I think his diagnoses is suspect since he did not look at the control board.After he left, I pulled the main control board and found R43 fried. I also found NO evidence of arching or wire damage on the other parts of the washer.I've read other posts about Neptune control board resister failures and their causes. I did not see any information on R43. The wire diagram indicates that the "end of cycle signal" inputs to R43. I'm going to install a new control board, but worry it will again fail. Thanks for your help.

Here was my response:

Replace door latch wax motor 12002535 too

When replacing the Maytag Neptune Machine control boards on the stackers, MAH3000, MAH4000 and MAH5500A Neptunes make sure that you have the latest door latch wax motor. It should have the black actuator pin. The defective ones have the brownish actuator pin (matching the wax motor body color).

When the wax motor fails it will the overheat Q6 triac. This will cause Q6 to short out which applies 120 VAC to the center lead (gate) of triac which burns R11. R43 can also burn when the wax motor fails. It is an 18K, 1/4 watt, 5% carbon type resistor.

See MAYTAG NEPTUNE WASHER R11 Q6 REPAIR KIT + 12002535 WAX MOTOR for disassembly pictures and a video on replacing the R11 and Q6.

If you have R11 burnt, STOP! don't keep trying to start machine or you can further damage control board or even damage the motor control board located near the floor. You will want to cut out R11 and Q6, making sure that no Q6 pins can touch to prevent any further damage. After Q6 and R11 are clipped out you can try to start machine. Everything should work except the door will not lock and you won't have the spin cycle.

If the water flows correctly, and the timer works normally then your board should be repairable with the Q6 and R11 repair kit offered on the mentioned site above. If the water does not flow then your control board suffered more damage and will need to be replaced and these are available on same site as well.

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