Sunday, November 30, 2008

I finally booted the Kenmore 70 series top loader (Part 4)

Ok... here is the scoop! I went with the Kenmore Elite with HE3 steam.

Here they are together stacked up. We checked out a few different stores and decided on Sears. Sears had them reduced since they were making room for the colored versions plus there was a rebate, too. I will keep you posted on the operation of these machines as they will get a lot of use in our house!

I decided against the Maytag Neptunes due to the wax motor failures, door boot issues and the reliability of the original motor drives. If you (or know someone who) own a Maytag Neptune see so you can prevent the wax motor failure and save some cash!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I finally booted the Kenmore 70 series top loader (Part 3)

Here is the new front loader washer water line connections. Yes, the washer and dryer both have the steam option so the dryer needs a cold water supply, too. Notice I also have the ShakeAway Plus vibration isolation pads that I sell on my site. I do use what I sell!

As I mentioned before I had to stack the dryer onto the washer because the laundry room is too small for both front loaders to sit side by side. It was a big difference at first switching to front loaders but now we like the stacked setup.

Can you guess which machine I went with from the picture?

I hope this machine does not have a door latch wax motor!

If you own an Neptune please check out for door latch information to see if your machine has the defective wax motor that will fail and damage your machine control board.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I finally booted the Kenmore 70 series top loader (Part 2)

Above is our laundry room after the 20 year old Kenmore 70 series were removed. We decided to paint the room since the home is 8 years old and it had the original paint. The washer may have been leaking slightly because the lint was really attached to the floor and was dificult to get up.

Above is the laundry room after the painting and cleaning was completed. I was rather impressed how nice the room looked after cleaning and two coats of paint.

Come back for the next series of posts to find out which front loader I picked up and what I did with the worn Kenmore set...

For all of your Maytag Neptune needs check out to see if your Neptune has the defective door latch wax motor that will fail and cost you $450 if you bother the lonely Maytag repair guy. I will show you how to take care of this costly issue and save!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I finally booted the Kenmore 70 series top loader

Yes, I decided to boot my 20+ year old Kenmore 70 series top load washer and dryer for new front loaders. These were still operational, too. The dryer was taking longer to dry the clothes but other than that they worked. This pair made it through (4) moves, (2) marriages and (1) divorce. The only part I had to replace is the water temp selection switch about a year ago. Even the dryer belt was original!

I looked at the available front loaders, knowing I probably would not purchase a Maytag Neptune since all of the 12002535 wax motors (over 2,500) I have sold over the last 3 years via my website. I did think about picking up a free curbside Maytag Neptune and refurbing it but my wife did not like that idea.

Once the machines were removed from the small room we cleaned up and painted the room before placing the new machines. I ended up stacking the new machines because the room was too small to place them side by side.

Come back for the next series of posts to find out which front loader I picked up and what I did with the worn Kenmore set...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Another unhappy Maytag Neptune owner?

This was copied from a Neptune stacker's blog, I wanted to leave Kitty a comment but she must have them disabled? I can't understand why someone would have a blog but not allow comments? At least have the moderate comments feature on?


...just back from the laundromat...ugh...not swimming tonight...ugh...had a small meatball & cheese sub for supper while doing laundry...ugh...well, actually that was yummy but ugh on the choice Our washer died last week and we are rethinking the washer/dryer situation and placement.

We currently have a Maytag (PIECE OF CRAP) Neptune super stack in the bathroom (the only plumbing we have aside from the kitchen sink). When we moved in, the washer hookup was in the bathroom (as is now) and the dryer hookup was out in the garage. It sucked! We lived with it that way for a year or so until the dryer died and then had our electrician put a 220 outlet and vent in the bathroom and purchased the stacker.We started having problems the day after it was out of warranty...not kidding!

The latest problem will cost almost $500 dollars to fix...ain't gonna happen! Nance came up with a brilliant idea tonight. We're gonna look at putting the dryer on the opposite side of the furnace room around the corner from the kitchen in (what is now) her office space. She wants to move her office stuff to the other room anyway so it's perfect. Now we just have to take measurements, figure out what to buy, cut a hole in the wall for the vent, and have a new 220 outlet installed.

I imagine we'll have one or two more trips to the laundromat in the meantime. "

End of blog entry.

Kitty, it sounds like your latest problem could be the door latch wax motor because that repair usually runs $450. The other failure that comes to mind could be the bearings are going out but that repair usually runs $900 if you bother old lonely repairman.

Here is some more info for you...

The older Neptunes, such as the 2000 Stackers, MAH3000, MAH4000 and the MAH5500A series had some issues which I am sure Maytag has corrected these issues in the newer machines...

There are thousands who have been burnt by the door latch wax motor failure. What happens is the machine will stop spinning because the door latch will fail to lock. Deep inside it is caused by the mechanism that locks the door. The wax motor will draw too much current and damage the control board by burning a resistor (R11) and a triac (Q6).

However, if Neptune owners know to replace the 12002535 door latch wax motor they can prevent the control board failure from happening. Please tell everyone you know about this important fact. The older Neptune’s also have a couple additional issues such as the moldy door boot and the reliability of the motor / motor control board. All three of these issues were involved in the class action lawsuit a couple of years ago.

See for more Neptune information.

In addition, I just now started offering a bearing and seal kit for the Neptunes because when the bearings fail Maytag wants you to replace the whole outer tub for a service quote of around $900 or so.

Why replace the whole outer tub? Just replace the worn bearings and 12002022 seal… See for the Neptune bearing kit information.The older Neptunes run great once you take care of some small details...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Maytag Neptune R11 and Q6 Repair Kit Testimonial

Here is a testimonial I received from a delighted customer today...


Just wanted to send a hearty THANK YOU for your wonderful website and the information you provided there. We appreciate the timely manner in which you sent everything out (including the extra Q22....whoops..."look twice and cut once," right?). Our washer is now up and running smoothly. Thank you very much for all of your help, as well as for saving us some serious money!

Amber S."

Thanks for the feedback Amber! I love when my customers repair their Neptunes and save a bunch of money. How can I help you?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Any SF Neptuners out there?

Wow, I just talked my father-in-law into starting a Science Fiction blog. It is named 'Science Friction -The wild and wonderful world of offbeat science' and he has a lot of stories to tell about SF!

Did you know he met and interviewed Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek?

Tune in here

Sunday, November 2, 2008

daylight savings time change 2008

I almost forgot to put in the reminder to change your time pieces back one hour...

Every year I get reminded how many time pieces we have in our homes now. Why do we need so many clocks?

I see them on the wall, watches, VCR's / DVD players, security systems, microwaves, ranges, alarm clock radios, fax machines, telephones / answering machines, mp3 players, weather stations, vehicle clocks...


Luckily, there are some clocks that update themselves such as cable/satelite boxes, GPS receivers, cell/smart phones, computers, etc.

At least your Maytag Neptune front loader does not have a clock on it...

For all of your Maytag Neptune needs check out to see if your Neptune has the defective door latch wax motor that will fail and cost you $450 if you bother the lonely Maytag repair guy. I will show you how to take care of this costly issue and save!

Any Maytag Neptune questions?

Hi Neptuners,

I would like to take this moment and ask you if there is anything you would like to know about your Maytag Neptune that was not answered for you on my site?

I also had to add 'Out of Stock' on the Neptune bearing & seal kits because the Maytag 12002022 seal kits are on factory backorder from Whirlpool. I have not received any seal kits for over 30 days and I am just about out of them which I reserved for my tony tool rental program which is at Once I recieve these seal kits I will update the websites again.

I also heard that Whirlpool is laying off lots of people which might explain why they can't get the parts out to keep your machines running?