Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have a 4 year old Neptune MAH55FLBWQ Washer and the bearing is shot. Will this kit fit this model?

This was a valid question I received today regarding the Maytag Neptune bearing kit...

Yes, the Maytag Neptune bearing and seal kit will fit your Neptune. See for more info on the tonytool rental program that helps you change your bearings in about an hour and a half and includes a DVD that shows you how to take your Neptune apart, replace bearings and install the seal kit.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Customer feedback regarding the Maytag Neptune door latch wax motor failure - repair


I recently purchased your Maytag Neptune Repair Kit.

I just installed the new wax motor and the control board with the new R11 and Q6. The machine now spins out the water but the door will not unlock at the end of the cycle. In fact it seems like it just kind of slowly spins one way and then the other at random once the final spin cycle is complete. The only way I can get the door to open is to unplug the machine! After two loads I took a look at the control board and R11 and Q6 look to be in great shape.

Any thoughts? (I have the MAH4000)

Thanks, Andy

Here is my response:

Hi Andy,

I would verify that R11 is in fact connected to the Q6 triac pins #1 and #2. Use an ohmmeter if you can. If the R11 is not completely connected to Q6 then the wax motor will stay on all of the time and keep tumbling at the end of cycle.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Did you know that NASCAR was founded back in 1947

Wow, today is the anniversary of the NASCAR founding. After 61 years NASCAR seems to be doing well as I see lots of collectibles available. Auto racing has a deep rooted history in the USA.

NASCAR is an acronym for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing and their website is On this site, you can check out news, the schedules, driver and team information, statistics, etc.

Imagine the costs of rebuilding the engines, all of the tire replacements and the traveling. That must be why the teams are sponsored.

To keep your Maytag Neptune Washer running in peak performance race on over to . In addition, discover if your Neptune front loader has the defective door latch wax motor, part # 12002535. When this fails, your high speed spin operation will stop and your clothes will be soaking wet.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Clowning around with your Maytag Neptune front loader?

Today is Emmett Kelly's birthday... Perhaps America's best known Clown. Emmett was born way back in 1898. Here is a link to the Emmett Kelly Museum in Kansas

To see folks clowning around with their Maytag Neptunes see

Well, I should not say 'clowning' around but actually they are serious do-it-yourselfers saving a bunch of cash by fixing their Neptunes!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I sold my first Maytag Neptune R11 Q6 repair kit + wax motor to Israel

On November 10th, 2008 I received an order from my website from Ilana from Cochav Yair, Israel for the STAGE 1 Kit. Wow! I thought... I did not know they had Maytag Neptunes in Israel? Does anyone know how many Neptunes are in Israel?

Please tell everyone you know about the Maytag Neptune 12002535 door latch wax motor failure that will happen and cost $450 to have repaired. You can replace the door latch wax motor with the redesigned component. Besides saving money... you will be preventing washer downtime. Thank You!

Don't forget about the tonytool rental program. I have had a pick up in the bearing and seal kit orders and the tony tool rental recently. Presently, I am running 2 weeks before I can get the tool kit out to you, I have asked Tony for two more tool kits but I have to wait for his next batch to be produced. He said it would be a week or so before he receives the tool kit order.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Here's how you track Santa this Christmas

What is Santa bringing you from the North Pole? A new Maytag Neptune front loader maybe? Maybe a new 12002535 door latch wax motor, new door boot or a 12002039 motor conversion kit?

I know you have been good this year!

Now you can track Santa via the Norad system here

Technology... isn't it awesome!

For Maytag Neptune help please visit

If your Neptune is sounding like a jet taking off in the high speed spin mode then your bearings are talking to you and they will need to be replaced soon. See for new replacement bearings and 12002022 seal kit. You can also rent the awesome tonytool which will reduce your frustration 10 fold!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another Maytag Neptune bites the dust...

I hope you liked my installation of the Kenmore Elite washer and dryer...

Now, let's get back to the Maytag Neptune issues!

Here is a request taken from the webosphere...

"I have a Maytag Neptune MAH4000AWW that shuts off after the wash cycle. If the start button is pushed sometimes it will finish the cycle,some times it will only run a short time and need to push start button again,also the softner doesn't dispense when this happens. Where do you think the problem is?"

If it is a Neptune... It could be a couple of issues causing this shutdown. First, check out for info on the defective 12002535 door latch wax motor fiasco.

Next, check the lower motor control board for a blown fuse or overheated components. If you have either then your motor control board has let the smoke out. You will learn that when electronic devices let the smoke out all control and motion stop! See the disassembly photos from yours truly.

You can get a new motor and motor control board at the above mentioned site for around $175 delivered UPS Ground. Don't pay $200 or more! It takes about an hour to install.

Wait until you have to replace your tub bearings ;>)