Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Maytag Neptune Question taken from the blogosphere...

Q: My Maytag Neptune quit mid-cycle. Trips circuit breaker every time plugged in. Is there a bypass to drain tub and open door? This seems like a catastrophic direct short. Should I wait a week for repairman or would it likely be more cost effective to buy new.

A: If you have an earlier MAH3000 Neptune then this more than likely is caused by a faulty wax motor in the soap dispenser. There are (2) 12002535 wax motors in there that control the bleach and softener flows. These wax motors are controlled directly from the timer.

You will need to rotate the timer to a different position, perhaps to a spin cycle, so the contacts to the faulty wax motor will open and the water pump should kick on and drain the water out. The water pump is also controlled by a set of contacts in the Neptune timer.

You can purchase the 12002535 wax motors from

Saturday, February 21, 2009

They have Maytag Neptunes over the pond?

Hi Neptuners,

I just shipped a STAGE 1 Q6 R11 repair kit + wax motor over the pond to New South Wales, Australia! I would like to welcome Andrew E. to the Neptuner club. We Neptuners all love our Neptunes... Especially, after the faulty door latch wax motor is replaced (hopefully you replaced it before it failed).

Did you know that Australia had Maytag Neptune front load washers? Actually, I was taken by surprise...

Recently, I shipped another STAGE 1 Q6 R11 repair kit + wax motor all the way to Israel.

Maybe I need to put flags on my site for countries that I ship the Maytag Neptune STAGE 1 repair kits too. So far, I have shipped STAGE 1 kits to United States, Canada, Israel and Australia.

Don’t forget to vote for the song. You only have 7 days left!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

What are they doing to that poor Maytag Neptune Front Loader?

What are they doing?

1. Winding up the spring to get the Neptune started?

2. Freeing the stuck tub?

3. Disecting the Neptune?

4. Adjusting the belt tension?

Actually, they are using the special Neptune Bearing Tool that can be borrowed at The tool kit comes with the bearings, 12002022 seal kit and a DVD that shows you how to disassemble the Neptune front loader, replace bearings and install seal kit.

You don't have the use the tool kit... Folks have been changing their Neptune bearings using pipes, large hammer, threaded rod, large washers, patience, etc.

You can make replacing your Neptune bearings kid's play when using the Tony Tool.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Maytag Neptune Help song is now online!

Hi Neptuners,

I finally finished the Neptune Help Song that explains the faulty door latch wax motor on the Maytag Neptune front loaders.

Every Neptune that has the original door latch wax motor, part 12002535, will fail eventually and burn Q6 and R11 on the machine control board. Now, my goal is to help Neptuners prevent the Q6 R11 failure by proactively replacing the faulty wax motor.

Also, I would like your feedback on what you think about the song. I have a poll on the top right where you can vote 1 -5, where 5 is awesome.

Your homework is to tell everyone about this song so we can help Neptuners all around the world replace the wax motor before it fails. Feel free to post links on your blogs and websites.

The new song is at

Check it out...

Thank you,


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Maytag Neptune help... This ain't Ole Lonely?

This is not Ole Lonely working on his Maytag Neptune MAH3000...
Actually, Mark, a Neptuner out in California, decided to take matters into his own hands and replace his door latch wax motor (12002535) and repair his machine control board. The Q6 triac and R11 resistor burnt because of the defective wax motor. By the way the typical Ole Lonely quote is $450 to replace the control board and wax motor!
In addition, every Neptune front loader that shipped with the wax motor will fail. If you know anyone who has a Neptune front loader please tell them.
As for more Neptuners saving money see