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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have a Maytag front load Neptune MAH5500BWW problem

Q: Hi. I have the MAH5500B washing machine. My wife called in a panic and said the LCD panel displayed the LR code.

I read 120V ac at the receptacle.
I read 120V ac at terminals 1 and 3 on connector P6 at the machine control panel.

I ran the Quick Service Cycle and everything seems to function except the tub does not spin.

Checking across the 10 amp fuse on the motor control board yields 1 ohm resistance. I am thinking motor but I am not sure...any ideas?

A: Sure. You will have to replace the Motor control board and the motor with the new Maytag 12002039 motor conversion kit which is available at http://www.neptunehelp.com/index_files/Page667.htm. It ships UPS Ground and takes about an hour to install.

The original motor control boards have a high failure rate on the Neptunes so Maytag decided to redesign both the motor and motor control board.

Have you noticed your Neptune getting loud in spin cycle? If so, then your bearings are failing and will need to be replaced. The extra friction caused by the failing bearings can cause the motor control board to shutdown and/or fail. You can get new bearings and 12002022 seal kit from www.neptunebearing.com. They also rent the special Neptune bearing tool to save you lots of time and effort and the rental incudes use of a DVD that shows you how to teardown machine, replace bearings using tool and install the seal kit.

If you ask a service technician to come over you will receive a dose of sticker shock! They will quote you around $900 to quiet your machine again...


Robert Burns said...

My mah5500bww does'nt seem to pump all the water out of the bucket. I can't see any water after a wash, but once you remove the clothers after the wash and spin the bucket, you can hear what seems like a lot of water sloshing around the bucket? Any idea on a fix?

Jeff said...

Hi Robert, the water sloshing you hear is the balance ring which is a component of the Neptune balance system. It has liquid in it and it helps the stabilization of the tub. Jeff www.neptunehelp.com

JC said...

I replaced the bearings on my mah5500bww. Even though both bearings seemed to be properly seated, I had trouble getting the spacer to stay in place. Any consequence to not installing the spacer?

Jeff said...


You need to install the bearing spacer or the front bearing will work its way to the rear bearing and your tub will wobble and you will have to do it all over again. I had a guy do this about 2 years ago when I first started offering the Maytag Neptune front load bearing and seal kits, Jeff

JC said...

I was afraid of that. Which way does the bearing spacer install? I'm guessing the bevel'ed end of the spacer points towards the smaller/rear bearing but I haven't been able to find this documented anywhere.

Jeff said...
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cmac said...

thanks, jeff, for all the great resources on the site. we have a mah5500bww, and there seems to be a small leak under the machine. inspecting it, i noticed that the bottom of the door was actually melted through, right where the lip comes out furthest.

i understand this model has a solenoid lock, but am not sure what might have caused this, although i thought you might have an idea!

also, it sounds like the "flying saucer" in our basement is due to an impending bearing job...i'm thinking about doing that, but also wondering if it might be related?



Jeff said...

Hi Colin,

Your bearings could be causing the inner tub to wobble excessively and that can cause damage to the front of machine. It could cause the door boot to wear from flexing too much and the plastic parts on the front of machine could rub and wear through.

You can rent the tool kit at Neptune Bearing. which will save you a lot of time and money replacing your bearings.

Yes, you are correct; the MAH5500B Neptune's do not have the faulty door latch wax motor issue. The MAH5500A series do, though. In fact, 99% of the Neptune front loaders with the timer knob (non digital) shipped with the faulty 12002535 wax motor.

I recommend that you replace it as soon as possible. You can order one at Neptune Help.
Until next time...


cmac said...

thanks, jeff.

one clarification: you are not saying that i should replace the latching motor, are you, but that most folks will have to (mine is a mah5500b and it's digital)?

and a couple questions:

the bottom of the door is literally melted through - not worn - and it's hard to see what it's wearing against. the leak seems to come in the first ~30 min of the cycle, and be primarily under the machine. hoses seem tight, it's draining, etc., so i am a bit confused.

regarding the bearings, with your help, i am willing to do that repair, but don't want to do it unless/until it's necessary. the noise is loud, but that's subjective. the machine rocks a little on spin cycle, but that also could be within the range of normal. can you offer any other advice on how to separate the needs repair from keep an eye on it? or suggest whether/how this could be linked to the modest leak?



Jeff said...

Hi Colin,

You will want to replace the bearings as soon as you can to prevent any further damage to machine. I recommend that Neptuner's change their bearings as soon as they can hear the jet plane sound when it ramps up to high speed spin.

The tub is probably wobbling and that can cause the plastic in front to rub. Take a photo of your door panel and send it to me via email.

You don't have the wax motor issue since you have a digital neptune.

Until next time...


casemaker said...

I cannot find the snap ring is there any chance my model doesnt have one (mah5500b)

Jeff said...

Yes, the newer Neptune's do not have a snap ring on the rear bearing. Maytag must have decided that it was no longer necessary in that application. Jeff

Grey said...

Hello Jeff, my name is Grey and just joined ur blog. My moms MAH5500BWW just flooded her kitchen and dining room. Upon arriving at her home, I proceeded to open the door after I turned off and unplugged, water rushed out of the door. It clearly had not been draining and had filled up the drum. I shopvac ed the water out of the drum and ran a spin cycle. It did remove the water but it would reset the time of 11 or so minutes and ran thru 3 seperate spin cycles to get rid of the water. I have a question. That particular day she washed a bath rug and I noticed all of the rubber backing had been pretty much removed. Is it possible that the rubber is stopping something up. Since she is retired I really want to try to fix this one instead of having to buy a new one. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, after reading some of your blog, I was wondering if there are any parts I should replace if we r able to fix the major problem of not draining. BTW, there are no codes on the electronic panel. Thank u for the blog and any help u can offer.

Jeff said...

Hi Grey, I suspect that the pump is clogged with the missing rug backing... If there is a floor drain nearby you could lower the discharge hose and let gravity try to drain the machine. You will then have to get in there and check the pump from the front side of machine. I have some videos on my neptunehelp.com site that shows how to disassemble the front.

I would also check the hoses as well and make sure to get it all out so it does not work its way back to the pump again.


James Ortiz said...

I just got the dreaded Lr code. I bought my nettles slightly used for $450 and thought 'What a deal". I'll be going to a laundymat for the next couple weeks til I can afford the motor conversion kit.

Brock said...

Hi Jeff, you're a great help to many. I always wondered why I had the sloshing noise whenever I manually turn the drum on my MAH5500BWW.

I've been noticing occasional rust marks on my clothes and I assumed it was my Neptune dryer but I don't see any bare spots inside the drum that could be causing this. The last shirt this happened to looked like someone spilled rusty water on it in one small spot (size of a quarter). It was so concentrated that it made me think it was the washer. Could it be the washer causing this? Are there certain parts that could be to causing this issue?


- Brock

Jeff said...

Hi Brock,

It could be that your tub seal is leaking water into the bearing hub area and there is corrosion happening in there. There is a weep hole from the bearing area that would allow water to drain back into the tub. This could be the source of the rust spots. Have you noticed your Neptune getting louder when it is in the high speed spin cycle?

If so, this could be a hint that a bearing failure is in your future. You can replace your bearings, though. See http://www.neptunebearing.com for details.


Brock said...

You said: "There is a weep hole from the bearing area that would allow water to drain back into the tub. This could be the source of the rust spots. "

Can you tell me where this weep hole is located? Is this something I can plug? I haven't noticed it getting any louder but it's in my basement and I'm really around it when it's running. Thanks again for all your help.

Jeff said...

Well, to get to the weep hole you have to disassemble the front of machine, remove inner basket, remove seal. If you plug the hole and the seal is leaking I believe the water level in the bearing housing could rise until it exceeds the rear bearing outer race and then leak out the backside of tub near the pulley.It would only be a matter of time before the bearings start to fail.

I can send you instructions on disassembling machine if you send me your email via the profile page.


Paul St. Bernard said...

Hey Jeff to clarify the sloshing noise is ok ?

Dick Hilpipre said...

I have a mah5500bww that at the end of the normal cycle is still full of water. If I put it in the spin only it starts pump water then it stops and has od on the display. I changed the door lock and this didn't fix it. Any ideas?

Jeff said...

Hi Dick, you should have a wiring diagram in the top console section. Once you have that document you can try running it through some diagnostic tests to see if the door locks. DO = Door Open.

Here are some things you can check:

1.Make door is closed.

2.Check for loose wire connections at switch and/ or machine control board.

3.Check for failed door monitor switch.

4.Check inputs and outputs at machine control board.

5.Replace responsible component.

I would also check the door loop on the door to make sure it is not bent or missing.

Have you verified if the door actually physically locks? You should hear a click when the solenoid is energized.

I hope this helps...

Jeff Hartman
The Neptune Man

Tim Berg, Edina Realty said...

I have a MA5500BWW and 3 times the thing has flooded the room when not in use, it filled full of water and the door burst open. Is this a known issue with these? Whats the deal?