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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maytag Neptune Front Load question - Water still in tub

Maytag Neptune Front load - Here is a question I get a lot:

Q: I have a Maytag Neptune that doesn't drain. It spins the water out of the clothes but the bottom of the machine has enough water in it that you can hear it when you turn the drum.

A: Perhaps it is draining after all... The water you hear when you turn the inner tub is the balance ring which has liquid in it and it is part of the balancing system on the Neptunes.

Now, if there is physically water visible in the inner tub then the pump is not getting all of the water out and it needs to be investigated. There are a number of issues that can cause this. One is a clogged tub drain or tub drain hose that feeds the pump. It could also be that the pump has debris in it or the drain hose in the back of machine is kinked...

Whatever the reason it needs to be corrected or the Neptune tub bearings will not last long. The reason is because the tub seal is not designed to work against the water slinging in the tub during spin cycle. Once water get passed the seal it will get into the bearings and cause the lubrication to break down. The next thing you will notice is that the your Neptune will get louder in spin cycle where it sounds like a jet plane taking off. At this point you will want to replace the bearings and 12002022 seal kit. You can do it yourself and save lots of money.

See for more information regarding the Tony Tool rental as well, which was designed to save you time and effort when replacing your Neptune bearings. It even includes a DVD you can watch that shows how to disassemble your Neptune, replace bearings and install the seal kit.

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------------------------------- said...

My 2000 Stackable ends up in a puddle when I run the washer. It wasn't every time at first, it was only once in a while. Now, it is EVERY time. Water leaks out the front bottom side of the door near the hinges. It litterally just pours out. Could that be the seal?

~Lisa Lewis~