Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maytag Neptune Displays ND Code

Maytag Neptune Repair:

Q: My Neptune will not drain and the nd service code is in the display. what is this and how can i fix it. Thanks

A: Ahhh, the ND error code on a digital Neptune front load washer. The ND code means 'No Drain' and it is probably just something caught in the pump. I’ve seen where a coin can get in there and keep the pump from starting.

Some other items known to stop a Neptune pump: Rubber backing from a rug, rubber bands, bobbie pin, lens from a flashlight, tooth pick and a bra wire. Maybe you had something different in your pump? If so, please comment with what you discovered in your pump...

If you have a floor drain you should be able to drop the discharge hose to the floor and let gravity pull the water out so you can take the pump out and get a good look at it.

Also a word of advice to avoid wasting time. The pump is usually towards the front of the machine.

Until next time...

P.S. For all of your Neptune questions go to Maytag Neptune Repair and let's save you a service call...

P.S.S. If you notice your Neptune getting louder in the spin cycle see Neptune Bearing for information on how you can save $700 by replacing your bearings yourself and getting 5 - 10 more years out of your machine.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Maytag Neptune 6500 burns seal

Maytag Neptune repair:

Another Neptuner needs help... Here is a question from a Neptuner that was pulled from the blogosphere...

Q: Last night, I washed some clothes with two pillows. It seems that the pillows were rubbing against the seal? (The plastic thing next to the door) and now that the seal has a hole. There is great but I will not wash until you know if that is really bad (maybe the water can get in there). Also, I think because of that the washer was making a really loud noise near the end of the cycle.

A: If the bearings are going out you can replace them. See Neptune Bearing for more info. You can also rent a special tool kit, too. Usually, the machine will start to sound like a jet taking off when in the high speed spin cycle.

If you call a tech and the bearings need attention, they will ask for $900 to replace the outer tub, unless they are a tech that owns the Neptune Bearing Tony Tool from Neptune Kits then you might get the bearings replaced for $200 or so.

It is also possible the spinner support has an issue and is causing the inner tub to wobble which can rub the plastic liner. Contact me and I can get you a new spinner support which comes with the new seal.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maytag Neptune MAH5500AWW Won't Unlock the Door

Here is a recent question about the Maytag Neptune front loader repair...

Q: "I have a Maytag Neptune MAH5500AWW Front Load Washer. A couple years ago I replaced the R11 & Q??, and Wax Motor (with black plunger) to fix a problem in which the spin cycle did not fully run and left the clothes wet. The washer worked without fail until last week. The current problem I am experiencing is that the washer runs through the entire wash cycle, including spin, however, the "on" light and "door lock" light stay on. Door stays locked and the washer stays in a state in which the drum sounds like it spins 1/2 turn every 15 seconds. It never turns off."

A: There are a couple of issues that can cause the wax motor to stay energized after replacing R11 resistor and Q6 triac.

The first cause could be that one of the R11 leads is no longer connected to the Q6 pins #1 and #2. If either lead of R11 becomes disconnected the wax motor will stay energized. If you have an ohmmeter, you can verify that each lead does in fact connect to either pin #1 or pin #2 of the Q6. Note: pin 1 on the Q6 triac is looking at the flat side the very left pin. Pin 2 is center pin and pin three is the far right pin when looking at the flat side. If you flip board over keep in mind the Q6 orientation.

After verifying that the R11 leads are in fact connected... The other cause could be that the Q2 and Q7 transistors need replaced. It is possible these took a 'hit' when the first R11 burnt because AC voltage can be backfed when the Q6 triac shorted out. There is a STAGE 2 kit at the Neptune Help order form where you get the Q2 and Q7 replacements.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maytag Neptune Bearing Seal Kit Question - 12002022

Maytag Neptune - Earlier Lip seal tips

Hi Neptuners!

Ok... Let's get something straight... Yes, the Maytag Neptune 12002022 seal kit installation instructions are not very clear. So I will give you some tips on installing the 'earlier' lip seal...

In the 12002022 seal kit there are two seals. The thinner one is the earlier lip design and it has the steel washer embedded into it. On the spinner support, near the three arms, remove the steel washer which is remains from the original seal. If you don't remove it, you will have 2 steel washers on the shaft and when you tighten the new included pulley bolt to 33 ft lbs, the tub will be hard to turn and you will have to pull the inner tub again. If you proceed to run the machine with the 2 steel washers on the spinner support shaft you will damage the new seal.

Since some steel washers will be tight on the shaft due to tolerances, it is a good process to tap the new seal in so it is flush and level to the bearing housing. Tip: I use the old front bearing so I don't deform the steel washer when tapping in. Then pull the steel washer out (split the seal) and place it on the spinner shaft (without flipping it) and work it all the way back to the three arms just like the original one was. Be careful not to disturb the pink grease when working the steel washer back. The split seals will meet up again when you install the inner tub. Make sure that after you torque the new included 9/16" pulley bolt that you can turn the tub by hand fairly easily and hear the liquid sloshing around in the balance ring.

The 'O' ring works only with the revised lip seal. The new replacement spinner supports will come with a special seal kit with the 'revised' seal and "O" ring.

Don't forget that you can rent the Neptune Bearing Tool Kit from Neptune Bearing which includes a 14 minute DVD that shows you the disassembly process, bearing swap and the seal kit installation to save you lots of time on the Neptune bearing job.

I hope this helps get your Neptune back up and spinning again...

Until next time...

P.S. Don't forget that if you have a Neptune front loader with a timer knob to replace your faulty door latch wax motor before it damages your machine control board. See Neptune Help for details...