Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nickelback concert in Columbus, Ohio Review October 1, 2010

Hi Neptuners!

I wanted to share a review I did for the Nickelback concert I went to Friday, October 1st, here in Columbus, Ohio's Nationwide Arena.

I will say that Nickelback rocked and officially brought in Rocktober! If you plan to go to a Nickelback concert in your neck of the woods and don't want the show spoiled then I would not read the review... In your case, it was a great show!

Here is the review I supplied to Ticketmaster...

The Nickelback show started off with a bang! Literally and they had many more tricks up their sleeve... The lighting and pyro were awesome as was the sound quality. The bass drums were cranked up to the max for the whole show so you could feel them like standing in front of your own personal subwoofer! Nice!

They had flame throwers spewing out fire balls in circular patterns and even colored pink and blue flame throwers that would make Rambo jealous. Near the end of the show there were sparks showering down across the width of the stage in the back and you wasn't for sure if the amplifiers were going up in flames or if it was part of the show... I was looking for the nearest exit just in case!

Another trick is they moved to the end of the stage 'island' to be closer to the fans where a 2nd hidden drum kit appeared for a few songs and they handed out beer to some of the fans after they pulled out their card. It was like a party!

We cannot forget the tshirts being shot out of guns into the crowd either! Thanks for giving some back guys! Even if it was at 100 feet per second...

There was quite a bit of cursing, lots of 'f' and 's' words. I did not mind but there were younger kids in the crowd believe it or not. Come on guys... can't you expand your vocab a little?

The large video screens were high quality.

Overall, I would say this was one of the best shows I've ever seen and Nickelback set the bar even higher for other acts to follow with their excellent lighting and pyro! You guys left money on the table and I would buy tickets on your next pass through Columbus!

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Until next time...