Saturday, February 12, 2011

5 fridays 5 saturdays and 5 sundays in one month

5 fridays 5 saturdays and 5 sundays in one month

Hi Neptuner,

This is an off topic post today...

I received an email saying that the month of July 2011 has '5 fridays 5 saturdays and 5 sundays' in it and that this only occurs every 823 years?

Let's break down the calendar shall we...

Let’s think about this, a year can only start on one of seven days, so there are seven possible basic calendar years. Add leap years, and there are fourteen basic calendars. Period. And one of those calendars only gets used every 823 years? How would that be possible? It’s not of course, all fourteen calendars get cycled through regularly, in fact 2010 used the exact same calendar as 1999.

So there you have it... Yes, there will be 5 fridays 5 saturdays and 5 sundays in July 2011...

If you have a Maytag Neptune front load washer you can keep it working through all 14 possible calendars with Neptune Help and Neptune Bearing.

Whether it is the pesky defective door latch wax motor or the bearings... we can help you save money and get that pile of laundry washed.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maytag Neptune Bearing - is now a member of the BBB

Hi Neptuner!

I wanted to let you know that I received the important BBB accreditation for my Neptune Bearing site where I offer replacement bearings and seal kits for the Maytag Neptune front load washers.

I also rent the Neptune bearing tool kit as well which includes the Neptune bearings, Maytag 12002022 seal kit, bearing spacer, wire wheel, snap ring pliers, tool kit usage, tech support and a step-by-step instructional DVD.

Neptune Help is also included with the accreditation and I will add my following other Neptune related sites as well.

By adding the BBB accreditation to my Neptune sites it means that I support the BBB's services to the public and meet their tough accreditation standards and that you can trust me to provide excellent service!

Until next time...