Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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If you own (or know someone who owns) a Maytag Neptune front load you need to check out Neptune Help to see if your machine has the defective door latch wax motor installed. You can prevent a $350 repair bill as well as washer down time by proactively replacing your wax motor before it fails and causes the famous no spin issue... Do it now!

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

MAH3000 Maytag Neptune pump question

MAH3000 Maytag Neptune pump question.

Hi. I have a Maytag Neptune washer that seems to go through the whole cycle just fine, except for the fact that the water doesn't drain out. It happened to me awhile ago and someone told me I was using too much soap. I cut down on soap and everything did work great for several months, but now it is worse than ever.

Already Tried: running the rinse cycle again, which worked in the past, but not anymore


You have a problem with the pump, either something has gotten into it and is blocking the water flow or the pump itself is bad or the water discharge path is clogged.

See Neptune disassembly photos or videos at Neptune Help. The pump is powered from a set of timer contacts and if you rotate the timer knob you should find spots where there should be 120 VAC on the pump electrical terminals.

If the machine is full of water and you have a floor drain nearby you can lay down the drain hose and gravity will allow the water to drain from machine (unless the water path is clogged with lint or debris).

Once the water is out you can remove the pump and take the cover off of it to inspect it for any lint and debris that could keep the impeller from spinning or the motor could be bad.

To order a new pump simply enter your model number into the Appliance Parts Search box on this blog or at Neptune Help. This tool will give you exploded views and prices of all the parts in your machine and you can simply order new parts and repair your Neptune yourself and save lots of cash.

Don't forget... The MAH3000's as well as any Maytag Neptune front loader with a timer knob has the faulty door latch wax motor. If your MAH3000 serial number starts with 10 - 25 you have 2 more wax motors in the soap dispenser that should be replaced as well before they fail.

The faulty wax motors have the brownish color actuator tip.

The residential models are MAH3000, MAH4000, MAH5500A and the 2000 stackers. The digital machines do not have the wax motor issue.

You can order new wax motors from Neptune help.

Below is the new style with the black actuator tip.

Another item I can help you with is your Neptune bearings. If you notice your machine transforming into a jet engine when it starts to ramp up then it is time for new bearings and seal. If you bother the repairman they will kindly ask you for $900 which includes replacing your large outer tub. Don't do it! You can replace your bearings yourself for a lot less.

You can also rent a special tool kit that includes a step by step DVD that shows you how to do it.

See Neptune bearing for more information.

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