Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Maytag Neptune washer is growling at me

My Maytag Neptune washer is growling at me...

If your Maytag Neptune front load washer is growling at you then maybe you are working it too hard…

Or it could be that the motor control board (MCB) is failing.

The Neptune MCB is located on the right side down by the floor on the solid door panel Neptune’s including the 2000 stackers. The MCB generates 3 phase power to drive the motor and if one of the phases fails then the motor will sound like it is growling and it will not produce the full torque required to spin the clothes out.

See and/or for the two common Neptune MCB assemblies.

The 12002039 kit includes a new motor, wiring harness and the MCB that work together. Maytag provided this new 12002039 design because they were having failures on the original motor drive system and decided to use a different technology. The original motor is not compatible with the new MCB. When the motor drive fails your machine will usually turn off a few seconds after you try to start the washer up and on the digital machines you will get an LR error code.

This picture shows a common failure on the MCB. Another failure is when the 10 amp fuse opens.

You will need your model number and the first 2 digits of your serial number to determine which kit you will need.

For more Maytag Neptune help see NeptuneWasher and NeptuneDryer.

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