Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Color Changing Doorbell Button Testimonial

Color Changing Doorbell Button Testimonial

Here is a testimonial I recevied from Steve R. in regards to the Color changing doorbell he purchased:

"Thank you for having such a great product, LED lights are the way to go, they’re strong and last so much longer than the old filament bulb type. I would have been happy with just one white LED, The smooth color changing LED is a step above that and is just beautiful to watch. It will keep my friends intrigued as it takes me time to get to the door."

Steve R.
Check out Lighted Doorbell Button to get your Color changing doorbell button!
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P.S.  Look for new cool solid colored doorbell buttons soon!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Color Changing Doorbell

Color Changing Doorbell

A few years ago I started a project where I was interested in modifying my doorbell button. It seemed to me that the light bulb in the lighted doorbell buttons burned out too often and I desired to utilize an RGB LED because they last much longer than a bulb. I played with a circuit board design that would fit into the standard rectangle shaped doorbell button. But I put the project aside due to the Maytag Neptune business that I was running was taking off. By the way, if you have a Maytag Neptune washer then see http://www.neptunehelp.com/ to see if you have the faulty door latch wax motor.

I dragged the project back out recently since surface mount technology is so popular in the electronics industry I decided to incorporate some into the new doorbell design. I also decided to make the color changing doorbell button a kit that anyone with a soldering iron can put together to learn about surface mount electronics. Lighted doorbells are a way to add a cool look to your home and the color changing ones are even cooler.

I now have the color changing LED incorporated into the doorbell as a kit and as a complete assembly.

See lighted doorbell button for more information.

I’m also working on developing lighted doorbell buttons that will have a solid color as well.In the future I'll create some new posts rergarding the requirements of the unique doorbell buttons. The general rule is... if you already have a lighted doorbell button then you can replace it with the color change doorbell. Another requirement is that it has to run on an electric doorbell... not a battery/wireless one because it would drain the battery rather quickly.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Neptune Washer Bearing – Special tool saves time and effort

Neptune Washer Bearing – Special tool saves time and effort

Maytag Neptune bearing noise

It is obvious that your Neptune’s bearings are failing because your Maytag Neptune sounds like jet taking off when entering the spin cycle. Where do you start? Should you get a quote to have the Neptune repaired? Can you complete the repair yourself and save money? Should you purchase a new washer and dryer? How long will the washer be down? Etc…

Maytag Neptune washer bearing replacement

Let’s start with what a technician will quote you and why you will experience sticker shock. The quote to repair the bearings will run from $800 to $1,000 and the reason is that 99.4% of the repair techs will replace the large outer tub which runs about $500 alone plus labor and maybe a new spinner support in case yours is damaged. The truth is that you cannot tell if the spinner support shaft is damaged until you get in there but from my experience in most cases the spinner support is reusable. You can just replace the bearings and seal and get many more years of life from your Neptune front loader. There are a number of technicians using the Tony Tool to save Neptuner’s money so they won’t suggest that you replace the $500 outer tub.

I do recommend if you’re reading this and your bearings are still functioning that you proactively replace your Neptune bearings if your machine is 10 years old or more.

Maytag Neptune bearing kit

If you’re handy with tools you can replace your Neptune bearings without the special tool kit rental. There are a few things you need to know about how the bearings are installed in the machine. The front bearing is slightly larger than the rear bearing and there is a 1 ¾” pipe (bearing spacer) that is sandwiched between the bearings. When you remove the front tub seal you will see the front bearing and when you look at the front bearing’s ID you will see a tunnel because of the bearing spacer. Then you will see the rear bearing’s inner race where you have about 1/8” lip to grab onto to push or pull it out. The tool kit has a machined round nut that glides through the front bearing and spacer and will catch the rear bearing’s inner race and uses the leverage from the t handle to draw it out. Once the rear bearing comes out the spacer falls out, too.

Upon installation you install the rear bearing first using the tool. Next you place the bearing spacer on the PVC spacer holder and then start to draw the front bearing in. The tool kit makes this a breeze since it keeps the spacer centered while the front bearing is being drawn in and finally clamps the bearing spacer. If you don’t have the tool kit you have to come up with a way to hold the spacer when you install the bearings. So the tool kit rental saves you time and effort.

How to replace your Neptune bearings

The Neptune bearing tool kit rental includes bearings, 12002022 seal kit, a pair of snap ring pliers, 2” wire wheel, emery cloth, step by step DVD and an extra bearing spacer in case yours is cracked or corroded. Note: The earlier Neptune’s have a snap ring that you need to remove before pulling it. The wire wheel is to clean out the bearing housing after bearings are removed and the emery cloth is to smooth the front bearing seat in case of any ridges or ripples that may have developed due to the failed front bearing. The kit is shipped Priority Mail to you so you will receive it within 2 – 3 days typically. The http://www.neptunebearing.com/ site displays the estimated to ship days based on when tool kits return.

The Neptune 12002022 Seal kit

The 12002022 seal kit includes 2 seals. The earlier lip seal and the revised lip seal. You need to use the same one that you removed since they require different shaft machining. I have had some Neptuner’s decide to replace the spinner support so they could install the revised lip seal when their machine originally had the earlier lip seal but it is not necessary.

Maytag Neptune Washer MAH5500BWW bearings

I personally replaced the bearings and seal on a MAH5500BWW washer in 1.5 hours and it was my 2nd time of using the tool kit. I would also recommend having an 8 – 10 pound sledge hammer available when changing the bearings.

If you decide to use the to neptune bearing tool or go it alone you can get everything you will need at Neptune Bearing.

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