Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brody Stevens and Little Esther hangin with the Neptune Man

Here is a recent photo of me with Little Esther, Tonia, Brody Stevens. I bought a Groupon for a local show in the Columbus, Ohio area and it included a photo op. I thought... What the heck… Let’s get my photo taken with a couple of well known comedians. I will tell you more about Tonia later. She is creating a helpful website that will come in very handy for a lot of people.

Speaking of websites… If you have a washing machine… I offer special bearing and seal kits for when they start to get loud which usually indicates a tub bearing failure. I even rent a cool tool for the Maytag Neptune front load washers to help you save time and effort when replacing Neptune tub bearings. You can visit my main site at which branches out to the different models.

Since I specialize in the tub bearing and seal kits you order the bearing and seal kits only from my sites and you can order other appliance parts from 1-800-369-0999. Just have your model and serial numbers handy to help them look you your replacement parts.

I'm now officially called the "Neptune Man" and here is my song Vicky made for me

Until next time…