Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Neptune Washer Door Seal Replacement - 12002533 Door Boot

Neptune Washer Door Seal Replacement - 12002533 Door Boot

Here is a video I created for you that demonstrates how to replace your smelly door boot. You can call
1-800-369-0999 or visit Neptune Washer to order a replacement door boot.

Note: On earlier Neptune front load washers like the MAH3000 (and some of the MAH4000’s) shipped without a drain and drain hose. In the video I explain how you can add a 22004477 (hose) and a 22003074 (Guard) to your machine if it did not arrive with a drain. You can call 1-800-369-0999 and order those 2 parts. You will also need a ¾” automotive style hose clamp to clamp the drain hose to the tub cover. See video for more details.

Let me know if you have any questions about changing your Maytag Neptune Door Boot.

You can also replace your Neptune bearings and seal when they start to fail and sound like a jet taking off during the spin cycle. See Neptune Bearing for more details about the bearing and 12002022 seal kit as well as the renting Neptune Bearing Tool Kit to save time and effort.

I would also like to thank Tonia for assisting me with the door boot replacement. You can visit Tonia's site at Tonia Tee to discover how she helps people.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maytag Neptune Bearing - How To Install The White Plastic Spacer Clip - Earlier Lip Seal

Maytag Neptune Bearing - How To Install The White Plastic Spacer Clip - Earlier Lip Seal

When changing your Maytag Neptune Bearings and your machine has the earlier lip seal you will have to install the white plastic spacer clip correctly. Below is a video that shows you the correct orientation. The best thing to do is note the orientation before removing the clip. A client has suggested that you mark the front side of clip with Sharpie or equiv. Thank for that tip!

I hope you found this video helpful! Note: here is a link to my Youtube channel in case video is not working...

Remember... you can order all of your appliance parts (except Neptune bearings) at 1-800-369-0999 and have your model and serial number handy so they can quickly look up your parts. They stock replacement parts for your fridge, range, dish washer and your clothes washer and dryer. When repairing your appliances don't forget to unplug your machine before making any repairs!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ange's Pizza has a new location in Clintonville area, Ohio

Ange's Pizza has a new location in Clintonville area, Ohio

You probably know that I love Ange's Pizza in the Columbus, Ohio area and they just opened up a new shop in Clintonville, Ohio. I had some friends and my kids with me so I just had to stop in and say hi! See Anges Pizza for website.

Here is my Medium Veggy exiting the oven... Yummy

There are now 7 Anges Pizza's in the Columbus, Ohio area!

Karl Rd            5767 Karl Road                614-888-5767

Gahanna          1018 N. Hamilton Road     614-855-9500

Hilliard             2149 Hilliard-Rome Road   614-777-9680

Powell              8747 Smokey Row Road   614-659-0988

Clintonville        4511 N. High Street         614-659-0988

Whitehall          139 S Yearling Road         614-235-0898

Noe-Bixby         2980 Noe-Bixby Road       614-864-0468

When you're in the Columbus, Ohio area and would like to taste some great pizza... Stop by one of the locations and let me know when you plan to and maybe we could meet up...  Note: The Whitehall location was the first on the scene back in the 1950's!

Again, see Anges Pizza for website.

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