Sunday, October 13, 2013

You can now spread your Neptune bearing replacement over 6 months, if needed

For my bearing and seal business I use PayPal, which accepts major credit cards, and they are offering an option when checking out for orders over $99, U.S. customers only, where you can get 6 monthly payments same as cash. So… if you've been putting off that bearing replacement now is the time for you to add more years to your Neptune’s life and spread the bill over 6 months with no interest.

See Neptune Bearing replacement and click on the PayPal banner on the left side for offer details.

If you decide to just purchase the Maytag Neptune Bearing and 12002022 Seal kit (not rent the tool kit) then you could add the door boot or belt so you exceed the $99 order amount to qualify. If you have an MAH3000, MAH4000 model you may want to order the bearing spacer just to have on hand in case yours is cracked or really corroded. If you decide to order a belt and don’t need it after inspecting your belt then simply send it back unopened for a refund. Don’t forget that a new bearing spacer is included with the Tony Tool kit rental so you don’t need to order one.

If you decide use the 6 months option just make sure you make payments to avoid any interest charges.

Other options if your Neptune washer needs bearings:

Use a local laundromat until you can save enough for bearing replacement
Buy a used unit on Craigslist
Visit relatives, neighbors and wash your clothes
Use washing board. See Neptune backup plan

Leave me a comment if you have another suggestion on where to launder your clothes until your machine can get fixed.

TIP: When sorting clothes check the pants pockets for loose change that can get into the pump and cause draining problems. 

I also offer other washer bearing and seal kits...  See Washer Bearings for more information.

Until next time...

Neptune Bearing Spacer. Note: beveled end goes towards smaller rear bearing