Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nika Snow Storm - My Craftsman 30" Snow Blower - Gas Cap Leaking

Wow... Nika! You delivered some heavy snow last night!

I had to get out my Craftsman 30" snow blower this morning.

The snow had a layer of ice on it that would have made it really
difficult to shovel. Especially considering that I have a corner lot
which means 2 side walks. The side side walk is about 140' long.

Here is a video I made with the camcorder in the window and I
sped up the video to keep it short.

This Craftsman snow blower is about 3 years old. The only problem I have
had is the gas cap leaked. I called sears and they sent me a new one. No problem...

It has heated grips and a headlight as well as trigger controlled power steering.

I love the electric start and you can hear it in the video when it starts up...

However, I noticed the replacement gas cap is leaking now after 2 years.

Have you had any trouble with your gas cap leaking? I wonder if there is
a design issue with the gas cap?

Jeff Hartman