Saturday, September 19, 2015

F35 Error - Whirlpool Duet - Kenmore Elite - Maytag Epic Front Load Washers

Are you getting the F35 Error and SUD Error messages? If you are you 
can now determine if it is the analog pressure sensor , or APS, or the 
CCU causing the error. In addition you can now repair your APS and CCU 
control module which will get you up a running in 99% of the cases without
an expensive service call.

See F35 Error FAQ for videos that show you how to use 
a voltmeter to take some measurements and from those measurements
you can determine if the APS or CCU is messing you up. All you need 
are basic hand tool and a soldering iron to make the repairs. Go visit the 
site now since the smelly clothes are piling up really quick!

There's more... If you're washer is sounding like a jet plane you will
want to replace your tub bearings and seal as soon as possible and 
save another service call. See for more 
information on how you can replace your tub seal and bearings.

Jeff Hartman

Friday, September 11, 2015

F21 Error – Kenmore Elite HE3T Steam Washer – What to do

See  If you’re also experiencing F35 and SUD errors. Watch video below for F21 Error messages...

I recently experienced an F21 Error on my Kenmore Elite HE3T Steam and here’s what I did. The F21 error indicates that the water is not pumping out quickly enough or in my case… not at all. First of all you will have to get the water out of the machine and I show you a clever way in the video. I will also show you how to determine if your pump is the culprit. Enjoy!

If your washer sounds like a freight train check out for information on how to replace your bearings and seal and save a ton of money! For other replacement appliance parts see

Let me know if you have experienced the F21 error in the comments below.

Jeff Hartman

“The Neptune Man”