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Friday, October 21, 2016

GHW9150PW3 Bearing Replacement

GHW9150PW3 Bearing Replacement
GHW9150PW3 Bearing Replacement

GHW9150PW3 Bearing Replacement
I have another time and money saving Whirlpool Duet washer bearing and seal kit that works with the GHW9150PW3’s 8181666 rear tub. No special tools are required to replace your bearings and seal. Save money and order your 8181912 tub bearings and seal kit at
This special kit also includes an ebook with helpful links to video and PDF service manual, technical support to help you get the repair done quickly as possible!
Model List:
Other Common GHW9150PW3 Parts:
8181695 – Switch, Pressure

WP8182119 - Kit, Door Bellow
8182634 – Latch, Door (WP8182634)
WP8181694 – Valve, Inlet
8182232 - Spin Basket (WPW10250573)
8181912 – Tub Rear (W10772617)
8181825 – Tub, Front (W10772612)
8182633  – Belt
8182650  – Pulley (WP8182650)
8182132  - Pulley, Nut (WPW10283361)

8182812  – Shock Absorber (W10822553)
8181684  – Pump, Water (280187)
8182695  – Board, Micro Computer (WP8182695)
8182679  – Board, Motor Control (8182679)
I hope this post helped you discover how you can change your GHW9150PW3 (8181912 tub) bearings and seal to save you money and get your washer back online fast and get back to your life!
Jeff Hartman
"The Neptune Man"
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