Monday, December 20, 2010

Symptoms for Anxiety are many

Symptoms for Anxiety

Recently, I had a relative experience a panic attack so I researched what symptoms you can expect and was quite surprised at how many there were...

Here is the link to the blog I put up on Symptoms for Anxiety

Now if you have a Maytag Neptune Front Loader with the timer knob (non digital) then you may experience some of these symptoms when your door latch wax motor melts your control board's R11 resistor and the Q6 triac. See Neptune Help for more information...

Until next time...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Maytag Neptune Question about the W10181639 Spinner Support

Hi Neptuner!

Here is a Maytag Neptune Spinner Support question that I received lately...

"I have a spinner support with a broken bolt stud. Can you replace the bolt studs in the spinner support, or do you have to replace the entire spinner support? If I have to replace the spinner support, do you have them and what does it cost? I will also replace the bearing and seal when I fix the spinner support."

A: I've had Neptuners successfully replace a broken stud on the spinner supports. You will want stainless steel replacement hardware. Sometimes the end of the spinner support arm corroded away and the spinner support needed replaced. You can order a new Neptune spinner support at Note: I have a photo of a brand spankin' new spinner support above...

In addition, the new spinner support comes with the revised lip seal, too. So if you're replacing your bearings you can get a $40 refund if you purchased bearings from Neptune Bearing or even rented the Neptune bearing tool kit which almost pays for half of the new spinner support! Please don't open the 12002022 seal kit... just send it back for your $40 refund...

Don't forget to replace your 12002535 door latch wax motor if you have an earlier timer version (non digital) Neptune front loader with the original one still in it before it chokes and smokes your machine control board. See Neptune Help for more information.

Until next time...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Maytag Neptune Saved From The No Spin Firing Squad!

Hi Neptuner!

I saved another Maytag Neptune front loader from the No-Spin firing squad...

Yes, this Neptune suffered the door latch wax motor failure and would not spin so it was saved by replacing the R11 resistor and Q6 triac on the machine control board to get it up and spinning again. To date I've sold over 5,300 120025235 wax motors! I'm sure that there are thousands more Neptune’s out there just waiting to fail.

Did you know that this failure can be prevented by proactively replacing your 12002535 door latch wax motor? See Neptune Help for more info. There is a cool video that explains the issue too. Check it out!

As your Neptune matures it will start to transform itself into a jet and get really loud in spin cycle. Don't give it 'take off' clearance because it was not designed for flight. Keep your Neptune grounded by replacing your bearings and 12002022 seal kit. See Neptune Bearing for more information.

Until Next time...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nickelback concert in Columbus, Ohio Review October 1, 2010

Hi Neptuners!

I wanted to share a review I did for the Nickelback concert I went to Friday, October 1st, here in Columbus, Ohio's Nationwide Arena.

I will say that Nickelback rocked and officially brought in Rocktober! If you plan to go to a Nickelback concert in your neck of the woods and don't want the show spoiled then I would not read the review... In your case, it was a great show!

Here is the review I supplied to Ticketmaster...

The Nickelback show started off with a bang! Literally and they had many more tricks up their sleeve... The lighting and pyro were awesome as was the sound quality. The bass drums were cranked up to the max for the whole show so you could feel them like standing in front of your own personal subwoofer! Nice!

They had flame throwers spewing out fire balls in circular patterns and even colored pink and blue flame throwers that would make Rambo jealous. Near the end of the show there were sparks showering down across the width of the stage in the back and you wasn't for sure if the amplifiers were going up in flames or if it was part of the show... I was looking for the nearest exit just in case!

Another trick is they moved to the end of the stage 'island' to be closer to the fans where a 2nd hidden drum kit appeared for a few songs and they handed out beer to some of the fans after they pulled out their card. It was like a party!

We cannot forget the tshirts being shot out of guns into the crowd either! Thanks for giving some back guys! Even if it was at 100 feet per second...

There was quite a bit of cursing, lots of 'f' and 's' words. I did not mind but there were younger kids in the crowd believe it or not. Come on guys... can't you expand your vocab a little?

The large video screens were high quality.

Overall, I would say this was one of the best shows I've ever seen and Nickelback set the bar even higher for other acts to follow with their excellent lighting and pyro! You guys left money on the table and I would buy tickets on your next pass through Columbus!

If you want to save some nickel backs on repairing your Maytag Neptune front load washer then see Neptune Help and Neptune Bearing to find out more!

Until next time...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Water Ice Maker information

Recently, I've had some requests for information on replacement ice makers because I offer the Maytag Neptune front load washer help to homeowners. I do have access to most makes of major appliance replacement parts.

I just created a new website that offers the most popular replacement ice makers at Water Ice Maker. If your ice maker is not doing its job efficiently maybe it is time to replace it. Check it out NOW!

If you own a Maytag Neptune front load washer you need to know a few things about these machines that can save you money! If your machine has a timer knob (non digital) then you need to know about the door latch wax motor issue where the wax motor shorts out and damages the machine control board.

You can prevent the Q6 triac and R11 resistor burnout by proactively replacing your wax motor before it fails with the new redesigned wax motor. There is a video that shows how to inspect your door latch to see if you have the faulty wax motor and there is a video that shows how to swap it too! The website is Neptune help.

Next, I developed a low cost bearing and seal kit so you can replace your bearings when the machine starts to sound like a jet plane taking off when it ramps up for the spin cycle. See Neptune Bearing for more information. There is even a Neptune bearing tool kit rental available to help you change your bearings and it includes use of a DVD that shows the disassembly, bearing swap and the seal kit installation.

Both of these Neptune kits were created to save you a ton of money in service calls and even machine replacement by getting more years out of your Maytag Neptune front loader!

Until next time...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Last episode of 'As the World Turns' airs today, September 17, 2010

Wow! After a 54-year-run on television, "As the World Turns" will air its final episode today.
After reading this headline I started thinking about a title for Maytag Neptune owners…

As the Neptune turns…

If you own a Maytag Neptune front load washer you can keep your machine turning by replacing your bearings when they start to get loud in the spin cycle. Spin over to for more bearing information.

In addition to the bearings, the motor control board that drives the inner tub can fail on you and bring your washing action to a quick halt! See for information on replacing your motor and motor control board.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paul the octopus and the Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer meet up?

I wonder if Paul the octopus can predict when your Maytag Neptune bearings are going to fail?
Oh well! The only clue you will have is that your Neptune front load washer sounds like a jet plane taking off during the high speed spin.

By the way, you can replace just your bearings and not the large outer tub and save a laundry basket full of cash. See Neptune Bearing for more information.

I also provide replacement bearings and seals for the Kenmore Elite and Whirlpool Duet front load washers as well.

Don’t forget if you have a Neptune with a timer knob (non digital) that you need to replace the door latch wax motor if it is the original one before it fails and damages your machine control board. See Neptune help for information.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

2009 Chevrolet Malibu and 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air crash

Maytag Neptune repair - Off topic post for you...

Wow, which vehicle would you rather be in during a 40 mph crash... A large, heavy 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air or a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu during a crash? I know which one I would pick... Only after seeing the video!

Go ahead and check it out at 2009 Chevrolet Malibu and 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air and leave a comment on your thoughts after watching the video clip.

When your Maytag Neptune front loader crashes check out Neptune Help for repair information, genuine Maytag replacement parts. In addition, if you have the Neptune front load washer with a timer knob (non digital) you will want to replace your 12002535 door latch wax motor if you have the original one in there.

Lastly, did you know that you can replace your Neptune bearings and seal when your machine sounds like a jet plane taking off? See Neptune Bearing for more information on replacing your bearings and saving a ton of money...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

My washer fills with water when off

My washer fills with water when off?

Usually this situation is caused by a failing water valve assembly. I just published a new site at Washer fills with water when off that has some solutions for you.

This can create some problems such as water flowing on the floor depending on how bad the leak is or when it is noticed. I always recommend that you turn off your water supply valves when leaving on vacation in case of a machine or water hose failure.

I would also unplug the power cord as well before you vacation, even if you have a surge suppressor on your washer. I have Maytag Neptune owners who went on vacation and arrived home to a dead Neptune because of a close lightning strike while they were out. You just never know...

So check out Washer fills with water when off to learn more.

Until next time...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whirlpool Duet Bearing Replacement

Whirlpool Duet Bearings and seal kits are now available!

Since I have been helping Maytag Neptune front load washer owners save hundreds of thousands of dollars on Maytag Neptune Parts it is time to help the Whirlrpool Duet front load washer owners save too!

Duet owners can now purchase the replacement bearings and seal for their Duet washers at Duet Bearing.

I can also get you a quote for any part for the Duets as well... Just send me an email with the part number, if you have it, and I will save you even more money!

If you know anyone with a Duet front load washer please pass this information along to them so they can save money on their washer repair.

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maytag Neptune Washer Repair Help - I'm so Embarrassed!

Wow, I checked under my fridge and look what I found! How embarrassing!

Pretty gross... huh?

I immediately grabbed my Dyson vacuum and a fridge coil brush and started cleaning.

Below is the 'after' picture...

It is important to keep your fridge coils clean. Your compressor will thank you and you will save energy as well.

Here is the fridge coil brush I used in the photo.

You can also use this brush to pull the lint out of your dryer, too.

Until next time...

Calling all Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer Owners!

If you have a timer knob (non digital) on your Neptune then you need to know about the faulty door latch wax motor issue. See Neptune Help Song for a video that explains what happens when this component fails.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maytag Neptune Motor Conversion Kit- 12002039

Maytag Neptune Motor Conversion Kit- 12002039

Hi Neptuners!

Does your Neptune front load washer shut down a few seconds after pushing the start button?

If so, it is possible that your Motor Control Board (MCB) has failed.

I just put up a Maytag Neptune Motor Conversion Kit site that has troubleshooting tips on it and if necessary, you can purchase the replacement Motor and MCB. Maytag redesigned both the motor and MCB so they are not compatible with the original parts as they use a different technology on the motor drive system. Most customers comment on how the new motor drive is quieter than the original motor drive. This new motor drive fits all solid door panel Neptune's including the Stackers.

Don't forget to replace your door latch wax motor (12002535) if you have a timer (non digital) Neptune front loader and you have not replaced it yet. See Neptune Help for the wax motor information.

Until next time...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maytag Neptune Front Load Spinner Support - W10181639

Maytag Neptune Front Load Spinner Support - W10181639

Hi Neptuners!

Does your Neptune Sound like a rock tumbler? If so, it is possible one of the three bolts snapped on your spinner support where it bolts to the stainless steel inner tub. In these cases, you can try to get a new stainless steel bolt and nut and see if you can repair it... but if it does not work you can replace your spinner support.

I just put up a Maytag Neptune Spinner site where you can purchase it directly. The new W10181639 spinner support even comes with a 'revised lip' seal kit so if you need bearings, see Neptune Help to order replacement bearings for your solid door panel Neptune without the 12002022 seal kit and save some money.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recycled Maytag Neptune Timer- MAH3000AWW

MAH3000AWW - Serial number starts with 25

Hi Neptuners!

Well, I had a Neptuner that has a bad timer on his MAH3000 due to the wax motors in the soap dispenser shorting out. Below is a link to a recycled Neptune timer which will save you money verses buying a brand new timer which list for about $115.00. This timer should work on all of the MAH3000 Neptune front load washers.

There are 2 contacts that power the bleach and softener wax motors in the soap dispenser. When these original wax motors fail by shorting out it can damage these contacts due the excessive current flowing until the circuit breaker trips.

If you have a Maytag Neptune MAH3000 with a serial starting with 10 thru 25, you need to replace your wax motors before they short out and run the risk of damaging your timer. You can order new 12002535 wax motors from Neptune Help. Don't forget the door latch wax motor, too. Keep in mind that you have 3 wax motors in your MAH3000 with serial number 10 thru 25.

Here is the recycled timer link...

Recycled Maytag Neptune MAH3000 Timer

Until next time...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maytag Neptune Displays ND Code

Maytag Neptune Repair:

Q: My Neptune will not drain and the nd service code is in the display. what is this and how can i fix it. Thanks

A: Ahhh, the ND error code on a digital Neptune front load washer. The ND code means 'No Drain' and it is probably just something caught in the pump. I’ve seen where a coin can get in there and keep the pump from starting.

Some other items known to stop a Neptune pump: Rubber backing from a rug, rubber bands, bobbie pin, lens from a flashlight, tooth pick and a bra wire. Maybe you had something different in your pump? If so, please comment with what you discovered in your pump...

If you have a floor drain you should be able to drop the discharge hose to the floor and let gravity pull the water out so you can take the pump out and get a good look at it.

Also a word of advice to avoid wasting time. The pump is usually towards the front of the machine.

Until next time...

P.S. For all of your Neptune questions go to Maytag Neptune Repair and let's save you a service call...

P.S.S. If you notice your Neptune getting louder in the spin cycle see Neptune Bearing for information on how you can save $700 by replacing your bearings yourself and getting 5 - 10 more years out of your machine.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Maytag Neptune 6500 burns seal

Maytag Neptune repair:

Another Neptuner needs help... Here is a question from a Neptuner that was pulled from the blogosphere...

Q: Last night, I washed some clothes with two pillows. It seems that the pillows were rubbing against the seal? (The plastic thing next to the door) and now that the seal has a hole. There is great but I will not wash until you know if that is really bad (maybe the water can get in there). Also, I think because of that the washer was making a really loud noise near the end of the cycle.

A: If the bearings are going out you can replace them. See Neptune Bearing for more info. You can also rent a special tool kit, too. Usually, the machine will start to sound like a jet taking off when in the high speed spin cycle.

If you call a tech and the bearings need attention, they will ask for $900 to replace the outer tub, unless they are a tech that owns the Neptune Bearing Tony Tool from Neptune Kits then you might get the bearings replaced for $200 or so.

It is also possible the spinner support has an issue and is causing the inner tub to wobble which can rub the plastic liner. Contact me and I can get you a new spinner support which comes with the new seal.

Until next time...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maytag Neptune MAH5500AWW Won't Unlock the Door

Here is a recent question about the Maytag Neptune front loader repair...

Q: "I have a Maytag Neptune MAH5500AWW Front Load Washer. A couple years ago I replaced the R11 & Q??, and Wax Motor (with black plunger) to fix a problem in which the spin cycle did not fully run and left the clothes wet. The washer worked without fail until last week. The current problem I am experiencing is that the washer runs through the entire wash cycle, including spin, however, the "on" light and "door lock" light stay on. Door stays locked and the washer stays in a state in which the drum sounds like it spins 1/2 turn every 15 seconds. It never turns off."

A: There are a couple of issues that can cause the wax motor to stay energized after replacing R11 resistor and Q6 triac.

The first cause could be that one of the R11 leads is no longer connected to the Q6 pins #1 and #2. If either lead of R11 becomes disconnected the wax motor will stay energized. If you have an ohmmeter, you can verify that each lead does in fact connect to either pin #1 or pin #2 of the Q6. Note: pin 1 on the Q6 triac is looking at the flat side the very left pin. Pin 2 is center pin and pin three is the far right pin when looking at the flat side. If you flip board over keep in mind the Q6 orientation.

After verifying that the R11 leads are in fact connected... The other cause could be that the Q2 and Q7 transistors need replaced. It is possible these took a 'hit' when the first R11 burnt because AC voltage can be backfed when the Q6 triac shorted out. There is a STAGE 2 kit at the Neptune Help order form where you get the Q2 and Q7 replacements.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Maytag Neptune Bearing Seal Kit Question - 12002022

Maytag Neptune - Earlier Lip seal tips

Hi Neptuners!

Ok... Let's get something straight... Yes, the Maytag Neptune 12002022 seal kit installation instructions are not very clear. So I will give you some tips on installing the 'earlier' lip seal...

In the 12002022 seal kit there are two seals. The thinner one is the earlier lip design and it has the steel washer embedded into it. On the spinner support, near the three arms, remove the steel washer which is remains from the original seal. If you don't remove it, you will have 2 steel washers on the shaft and when you tighten the new included pulley bolt to 33 ft lbs, the tub will be hard to turn and you will have to pull the inner tub again. If you proceed to run the machine with the 2 steel washers on the spinner support shaft you will damage the new seal.

Since some steel washers will be tight on the shaft due to tolerances, it is a good process to tap the new seal in so it is flush and level to the bearing housing. Tip: I use the old front bearing so I don't deform the steel washer when tapping in. Then pull the steel washer out (split the seal) and place it on the spinner shaft (without flipping it) and work it all the way back to the three arms just like the original one was. Be careful not to disturb the pink grease when working the steel washer back. The split seals will meet up again when you install the inner tub. Make sure that after you torque the new included 9/16" pulley bolt that you can turn the tub by hand fairly easily and hear the liquid sloshing around in the balance ring.

The 'O' ring works only with the revised lip seal. The new replacement spinner supports will come with a special seal kit with the 'revised' seal and "O" ring.

Don't forget that you can rent the Neptune Bearing Tool Kit from Neptune Bearing which includes a 14 minute DVD that shows you the disassembly process, bearing swap and the seal kit installation to save you lots of time on the Neptune bearing job.

I hope this helps get your Neptune back up and spinning again...

Until next time...

P.S. Don't forget that if you have a Neptune front loader with a timer knob to replace your faulty door latch wax motor before it damages your machine control board. See Neptune Help for details...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Neptune Bearing: Update on MAH8700 bearing and seal kit

Hi Neptuners,

It appears that we have hit a limit on where my Maytag Neptune bearing and seal kit can be used...

I just had a customer who had a MAH8700AWW and he rented the Tony Tool to change his screaming bearings. Well, it turns out that the MAH8700 is completely different from the MAH7500 and below. After looking at the machine's drawings it looks alot like the Kenmore Elite front loaders inside. Guess what? I have a site for Elite Bearings and seal as well.

I plan on putting together a bearing and seal kit for the MAH8700 next and will add it to the site. The drawback is that the Tony Tool rental will not be applicable to this machine.

If you have a Neptune MAH8700 and need bearings and seal please contact me and I will get you set up.

I guess the good news is that the newer Neptunes don't have the faulty 12002535 door latch wax motor anymore...

until next time...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Blowers and Broken Glass Cooktops...

Hi Neptuner!

I recently created two new helpful web sites for you to check out.

The first one is where you can get information on snow blowers. With all of the recent heavy snow in Ohio and the Eastern Seaboard I'll bet there is not a snow blower to be had. The main reason is that the Spring Season is just around the corner and the stores do not want to carry snow blowers all year in storage. If you need to order a snow blower today to help clear your driveway and sidewalks you can still get them online. Check it out.

The second web site is a glass cooktop informational site that has questions and answers on what to do if you break your glass cooktop, etc. You can also enter your range's model number and see if there is a new repalcement cooktop availabe and how much... I have photos from when I changed my GE Spectra Range's broken glass cooktop. See GE Spectra Cooktop to see the photos.

Until next time...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tax Preparation Tips - Off topic

Tax Preparation Tips for you

Hello Neptuner,

If you are like me then you are probably waiting till the last minute to finish your taxes?

I just put up a brand new site at Tax Preparation Tips. There is plenty of software that has tax forms and all. I remember when you had to visit the Post office to get the booklets and other tax forms. If you have not tried tax software then maybe this is your year to start?

Check it out and let me know what you think...

Again that link is Tax Preparation Tips.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Washer shakes or washer shaking?

Does your clothes washer shake and start to move across the floor? If so, you can isolate your washer from the floor with these new special anti-vibration feet. Remember, Both top and front load washers can have unbalanced loads. You could also use these to quiet down the dryer as well...

Occasionally, you might discover that a load is slightly unbalanced but it is not enough to stop machine. In these cases your machine may walk or scoot across the floor.

Here is some information on these new anti-vibration feet for washers and dryers:

"Anti-Walk Silent Feet are the most advanced and effective appliance anti-vibration pads available. By using cutting edge technology they reduce walking without using any adhesives. They also absorb vibrations caused by appliances, this reduces noise and structural damage caused by these vibrations. These vibration pads have consistently out preformed all other vibration absorbing materials on the market and they are a safe and simple way to eliminate appliance walking. Anti-Walk Silent Feet use Sorbothane polymers that are trusted by NASA, NASCAR and the U.S. Military."

These are also made in the USA.

If you decide to try them please comment to this post so others can discover how they worked for you.

Maytag front load owners don't forget to check Neptune help if you have a timer knob and have not replaced your door latch wax motor yet...

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Iron Man 2 is on its way in April! AC/DC Rocks!

Wow, I just received an email from Stating that:

AC/DC: Iron Man 2 Out April 19"Shoot To Thrill" World Video Premiere Today

Super! So I had to check it out! Here is the link to the new AC/DC video with Ironman clips!

Great going Brian Johnson and company! You guys earned the soundtrack for the new Iron Man 2 movie. The album cover looks really sweet! I still love the 'Big Gun' video on YouTube from the 'Last Action Hero' movie! What a great tune! Maybe you should have put that one on the new sound track as well?

I wonder if any Maytag Neptune front load parts were used for the Iron Man suit? If so, I hope they changed the faulty door latch wax motor.... See Neptune Help Song for a video that explains the issue.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Maytag Neptune Repair - Charlie bit me

Maytag Neptune Washer repair - Charlie Bit Me

Here is a cute video I thought you would love...

Don't get bit by your Maytag Neptune front loader!

If you have a timer knob on your Neptune please replace your door latch wax motor before it fails... See Maytag Neptune video for a video that explains the details.

Until next time...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tax Information for Maytag Neptune Owners

Tax Information

Well, it is that time of year again when you have to do your taxes. Have you considered completing your taxes yourself?

Today's tax software makes it easier than ever with tutorials and videos. I have been doing my taxes for years. Last year I owed quite a bit so I had a friend who works for a CPA firm double check my numbers with their ‘professional’ expensive tax software and he came back with there was a slight difference but it is not worth filing an amended return. It was great to know that!

I recently put up a site at where you can get information on the latest tax software products.

Check it out!

Until next time…

Friday, January 15, 2010

Expecting Mothers and Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer

Here is an article I recently wrote to inform expecting mothers to be about the faulty door latch wax motor on the Maytag Neptune front load washers. You can probably imagine the laundry that will need washed with a baby in the house and it is critical to keep the washer working!

If you know anyone expecting please pass this letter along to them via an email or you can point them to this helpful blog...

Congratulations! You're having a baby soon... Before you know it your Maytag Neptune Front Load washer will be working overtime cleaning bibs, blankets, baby outfits, etc. so your washer uptime will be critical. There are some things you should know about your Neptune front load washer.

The most important thing to be aware is that the Maytag Neptunes with a timer knob (non digital) shipped with a faulty door latch wax motor. This small electrical device locks the door during the high speed spin cycle. What happens is that this faulty device eventually shorts out and damages the machine control board.

The good news is that Maytag redesigned this device to correct the failure but you need to replace it before it fails to prevent the machine control board damage. After your machine fails it will not lock the door which means your clothes will be sopping wet at the completion of the wash cycle. More good news... The door latch wax motor is inexpensive and really easy to change. It can be done in 5 -10 minutes. There are videos available that show how to inspect wax motor and replace it.

Luckily, Maytag made it easy to tell which wax motor you have by the color of the actuator pin that sticks out of the device. If the pin color matches the body color then you have the faulty design. You want the wax motor with the black color pin which is the redesigned component. If you bother the repairman after this failure they will probably quote you $450 to fix your machine. I recommend that you proactively replace your door latch wax motor before it damages your machine control board.

The next thing to be aware of is your bearings. When you first put your Neptune in service you were probably impressed with how quiet the machine is... That is the way it is supposed to be. When your bearings start to fail the machine will get loud in the spin cycle. It will sound like a jet taking off when ramping up to 850 rpm. You should be concerned and not ignore it. You can replace your bearings yourself. If you bother the repairman they will want $900+ to replace your large plastic outer tub. But you don't need to replace the expensive $450 tub... Just replace the bearings and seal. There is a special Neptune bearing tool kit available you can rent that includes an instructional DVD that shows you step-by-step how to disassemble your Neptune, replace bearings using tool, and install the new seal.

The sooner you replace your bearings once you notice the machine getting louder in spin cycle the better. I would even recommend that if your machine has made it to the 10 year mark that you replace the bearings proactively. The Neptune front loader is a workhorse but it does have some design issues you need to be aware of to keep it running efficiently for years to come.

Keep your Maytag Neptune front loading washer running efficiently and when a problem surfaces you can save more money by repairing your machine yourself. Watch a quick video explaining the faulty door latch wax motor issue right now and sign-up to be a Neptuner and discover any known issues your Neptune may have so they can be proactively prevented thus saving you both washer downtime and money - Go Here:

Until next time...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How To Repair Electronic Components

Hi Neptuners!

Recently, I had a chance to go through some email responses I received from you after you repaired your Maytag Neptune washer.

I can't believe how many successful machine control board repairs you have completed since I have been offering the Q6 R11 repair kits. You of all people... because most of you have never soldered before! That is crazy! I know someone would have said "that can't be done.. you can't have homeowners soldering on their Maytag Neptune control board...". Boy, am I glad I did not listen to them! Looking in Quickbooks I have sold over 4,300 wax motors!

I then got to thinking that I don't know how many times I've taken a broken electronic device apart and repaired it. I like to see if I can fix it before pitching it... Some devices had a broken wire or lead. Some devices I did not find anything but they worked when I reassembled them?

I decided to write this because I ran across a couple of e-books you might be interested in. The first one teaches you how to test electronic components like a pro and the second ebook teaches you how to find the value of a burnt resistor.

Click here to read more!

If you have an interest in learning more about electronics or repairing devices then these books should help you. I was putting together some links for electronic circuit type kits, too. I will post those once I have them all compiled.

Electronics can be a rewarding hobby and who knows you could even invent a new device? I received my electronics training in high school and at Devry and have been playing with electronics since then. Actually, it helped me develop the Q6 R11 repair kit company that started with my site.

Until next time...

Here is that link again...

Click here to read more!