Monday, May 19, 2014

Online Safety Videos - Your Step By Step Safety Implementation Plan – Is where your small company can learn step by step how to implement an OSHA compliant safety program. Don’t wait until OSHA is at your door to think about starting your safety program because it will be tool late then!
OSHA loves visiting companies that do not have a safety program in place because they will have a field day with fines… Get your safety program started now! 

Our team will help you along the way via step by step program which starts with how to access a top notch online safety video provider for only $450 a year where it normally runs > $900.

Once you have access you will discover how easy it is to create your written safety plans. As a matter of fact… You simply can fill in the blanks, print and file in a 3 ring binder! In addition, there are videos that are updated when OSHA makes regulation changes so you know your employees are up to date. Don’t take chances with the free safety videos floating around on the web.

Take advantage of our introductory rate and lock your rate in for the future as well.

Here are some businesses that will benefit from starting a safety program:

Doctor/Dentist office

Chiropractor Office

Any Contractors/Construction




Machine Shop

Paint Shop

Printing Shop







Pest Control



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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Whirlpool Duet Bearing – How To Replace

Whirlpool Duet Bearing – How To Replace

If your Whirlpool Duet front load washer sounds like a freight train then it is time to derail your Duet and replace the tub seal and bearings. The duet bearing replacement process is pretty straight forward and no special tools are required. See Whirlpool Duet Bearing for the replacement tub bearing and seal kits. Most appliance repair centers will tell you that you have the replace the rear tub but that is just not the case…

The bearing Kits include an eBook that will give you tips on bearing replacements as well as a link to a service manual you can download to help as well. Tell all of your family and friends that you can replace the Whirlpool Duet at

For more washer bearing and tub seal kits see

Jeff Hartman

Kenmore Elite HE3 Bearing and Seal Kit – How To

Kenmore Elite HE3 Bearing and Seal Kit – How To

If you own a Kenmore Elite HE3 front load washer and it has morphed into a jet plane… I have great news!  You can replace your bearings and seal and save! I would expect 3 hours for the repair depending on how much cleaning you do while you have the Elite disassembled. You won’t need any special tools to replace the tub seal and bearings. See Elite Bearing for the tub bearing and seal kits. The Elite kit works on the HE3, HE3T, HE4, HE4T, HE5 and HE5T models. If you have the HE2 model you will need this 8540347 bearing and Seal kit.

When you notice the washer getting louder usually in high speed spin mode you will want to take action asap before the rust sets in the bearings. Otherwise, you may have a bearing that hangs up and scores the support bracket shaft. Whirlpool only offers the support brackets along with a new stainless steel basket as an assembly which drives up the cost considerably. If your support bracket shaft is damaged you can repair it by taking it to a machine shop where they can install a sleeve or weld up the area and machine it back down again for the new bearing.

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P.S. If you have a small business and would like to implement a step by step safety program in case OSHA visits you see where I will show you how to save on a top notch online video source and more!