Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Duet WFW9410XW00 Bearing and Tub Seal

Duet WFW9410XW00 Bearing and Tub Seal

Whirlpool Duet WFW9410XW00 owners… If your washing machine is sounding like a freight train then you will need to swap your bearings and tub seal. Once you notice it getting louder it is best to quit using it so you don’t cause more damage to machine.

If you happen to damage your Duet’s support bracket (spider) shaft you can remove it from stainless steel inner basket and take it to a machine shop to be repaired. They could install a sleeve or weld up then machine back down to correct diameter for new bearing. If the seal seat on the shaft is damaged then I don’t know of any repairs at this time for those since they are glued to the support bracket shaft.

The WFW9410XW00 bearing replacement is performed without any special tools and you should be able to complete it in 2 - 3 hours. You will need some room to disassemble machine because the tub is large and you will need room to separate it so you can take out the inner basket and support bracket. It also helps to remove the 3 counter weights to make the tub more manageable.

You can order your WFW9410XW00 tub bearings and seal at These kits are shipped via US Priority Mail.

Here are some additional models this kit will work on:

MHWE400WJ00 , MHWE400WJ01 , MHWE400WR00 , MHWE400WR01 , MHWE400WW00 , MHWE400WW01 , MHWE450WJ00 , MHWE450WJ01 , MHWE450WR00 , MHWE450WR01 , MHWE450WW00 , MHWE450WW01 , MHWE550WJ00 , MHWE550WJ01 , MHWE550WR00 , MHWE550WR01 , MHWE550WW00 , MHWE550WW01 , MHWE950WW00 , NFW7600XW00

WFW9410XW00 , WFW9451XW00 , WFW9470WL00 , WFW9470WL01 , WFW9470WR00 WFW9470WR01 , WFW9470WW00 , WFW9470WW01 , WFW9550WL10 , WFW9550WW10 , WFW9630YW00 , WFW9640XW00 , WFW9750WL00 , WFW9750WL01 WFW9750WL02 , WFW9750WR00 , WFW9750WR01 , WFW9750WR02 , WFW9750WW00 WFW9750WW01 , WFW9750WW02

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