Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014 from WasherBearings.com - Jeff Hartman

Happy New Year 2014 from WasherBearings.com - Jeff Hartman

See Washer Bearings for all of your washing machine repairs. If you need other appliance parts (other than bearings...) you can call 1-800-369-0999 and give them your model and serial numbers and they can help you get the replacement parts you need!

 Thank you!

 Jeff Hartman

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sears Kenmore 721.80044700 microwave will not heat or rotate the turntable – How to

Sears Kenmore 721.80044700 microwave will not heat or rotate the turntable – How to

Safety: When working on any appliance make sure the power cord is disconnected and be aware that there could be devices that hold an electrical charge, ie. a capacitor.

I had a customer come to me and they have a 721.80044700 microwave and it will not heat or rotate the turntable. I took a look at it and noticed the front display panel was broken and loose if I twisted the panel the microwave would heat and rotate the turntable. That was great news! See the video for the rest!

I have repaired a number of appliances over the years and offer tub washer bearing and seal kits at my washer bearings site. Take a look if your washing machine sounds like a jet plane when ramping up into the high speed spin cycle. 

Jeff Hartman

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Calico Critters Main Street Toy Shop Review - Calico Critters Fisher Cat Family

Calico Critters Main Street Toy Shop Review - Calico Critters Fisher Cat Family

Here is a review on the Calico Critters Main Street Toy Shop. I took the kiddos to get a toy for helping me with the side businesses recently and Chelsie decided on this Calico Critter Toy Shop which ran about $40. No batteries either :)

This cool Toy Shop does not include any Calico Critters. However, Chelsie already had the Calico Critters Fisher Cat Family and also the Calico Critters Fisher Cat Twins.

I love thanking my kiddos for helping me out on my Washer Bearings business and my new Actions for Success site where you can get set up with an instant easy blogging platform that allows direct videos from your smart phone! Which means no camera downloading to a PC, no time consuming video editing, no exporting to a MP4 video and then uploading to your blog or You tube. Heck, you don't even need a PC anymore just a smart phone can be used. You can even embed your You tube videos in your new easy to use blog for more traffic. You need a great blogging system to tell the world what you know... That's what I do! Thank you reading. Again that easy to use blog link is Actions for Success.

Jeff Hartman

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bryan Adams was in Columbus Ohio November 22, 2013 for his Bare Bones Tour

Bryan Adams has some great tunes since back in the 80’s and he still sounds great! I’ll be honest… Do "Cuts like a knife", "Summer of 69", "Straight from the heart" resonate with you? 
I was skeptical when deciding to buy 2 tickets because as a bare bones tour he did not have a drummer and electric guitar and I was not sure how the songs would play out. I took action and bought two tickets anyway and I am grateful that I did. Tonia Tee and I loved the performance by Bryan Adams and Gary Breit (piano) and had a great time. We had great seats in row E on the left side of the stage. Watch video for more details.
Don't forget to call 1-800-369-0999 for any appliance parts you need. Have your model and serial numbers available when you call so they can look up your particular machine... If you need bearings and seals for your washer don't bother calling the 800 number because they can only get you the overpriced replacement tubs. If you want to save money go to www.washerbearings.com for your washer bearings and seal kits.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Testimonials from my clients

From the desk of Jeff Hartman...

Here is a vehicle for you to leave feedback about your experience with Jeff Hartman which operates the sites below and a few more... Simply leave your comments about your experience.

  • Note:  For most appliance parts you can call 1-800-369-0999 to order. Just have your model and serial numbers available so they can look up your machine. Keep in mind that any custom kits I offer, STAGE 1 Kit with 12002535 wax motor and the bearing and seal kits will not be available on the toll free appliance parts line.

When you are done check out my Thank You page where I give back to my clients and give them a chance to earn some extra spending cash by filling out questionaires and surveys.

Thank you for your feedback!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

You can now spread your Neptune bearing replacement over 6 months, if needed

For my bearing and seal business I use PayPal, which accepts major credit cards, and they are offering an option when checking out for orders over $99, U.S. customers only, where you can get 6 monthly payments same as cash. So… if you've been putting off that bearing replacement now is the time for you to add more years to your Neptune’s life and spread the bill over 6 months with no interest.

See Neptune Bearing replacement and click on the PayPal banner on the left side for offer details.

If you decide to just purchase the Maytag Neptune Bearing and 12002022 Seal kit (not rent the tool kit) then you could add the door boot or belt so you exceed the $99 order amount to qualify. If you have an MAH3000, MAH4000 model you may want to order the bearing spacer just to have on hand in case yours is cracked or really corroded. If you decide to order a belt and don’t need it after inspecting your belt then simply send it back unopened for a refund. Don’t forget that a new bearing spacer is included with the Tony Tool kit rental so you don’t need to order one.

If you decide use the 6 months option just make sure you make payments to avoid any interest charges.

Other options if your Neptune washer needs bearings:

Use a local laundromat until you can save enough for bearing replacement
Buy a used unit on Craigslist
Visit relatives, neighbors and wash your clothes
Use washing board. See Neptune backup plan

Leave me a comment if you have another suggestion on where to launder your clothes until your machine can get fixed.

TIP: When sorting clothes check the pants pockets for loose change that can get into the pump and cause draining problems. 

I also offer other washer bearing and seal kits...  See Washer Bearings for more information.

Until next time...

Neptune Bearing Spacer. Note: beveled end goes towards smaller rear bearing

Monday, August 26, 2013

Washer Bearings - Please vote for Washerbearings.com daily...

Washer Bearings - Please vote for Washerbearings.com daily... Hello, I entered the Small Business Big Game contest and need your help by voting for washerbearings.com. You can vote once every day.

If you need washer bearings please visit Washer Bearings for more information. I thank you for your support in advance! Until next time... Jeff

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Neptune Washer Door Seal Replacement - 12002533 Door Boot

Neptune Washer Door Seal Replacement - 12002533 Door Boot

Here is a video I created for you that demonstrates how to replace your smelly door boot. You can check Amazon with this link http://amzn.to/2z27idE to get more information.

Note: On earlier Neptune front load washers like the MAH3000 (and some of the MAH4000’s) shipped without a drain and drain hose. In the video I explain how you can add a 22004477 (hose) and a 22003074 (shield/guard) to your machine if it did not arrive with a drain. 

Here are the links so you can check availability:

Shield: http://jeffhartman.appliancepartsupply.com/inquiry.php?id=WP22003074

Hose: http://jeffhartman.appliancepartsupply.com/inquiry.php?id=WP22004477

Let me know if you have any questions about changing your Maytag Neptune Door Boot.

You can also replace your Neptune bearings and seal when they start to fail and sound like a jet taking off during the spin cycle. See Neptune Bearing for more details about the bearing and 12002022 seal kit as well as the renting Neptune Bearing Tool Kit to save time and effort.

Until next time...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Maytag Neptune Bearing - How To Install The White Plastic Spacer Clip - Earlier Lip Seal

Maytag Neptune Bearing - How To Install The White Plastic Spacer Clip - Earlier Lip Seal

When changing your Maytag Neptune Bearings and your machine has the earlier lip seal you will have to install the white plastic spacer clip correctly. Below is a video that shows you the correct orientation. The best thing to do is note the orientation before removing the clip. A client has suggested that you mark the front side of clip with Sharpie or equiv. Thank for that tip!

I hope you found this video helpful! Note: here is a link to my Youtube channel in case video is not working...

Remember... you can order all of your appliance parts (except Neptune bearings) at 1-800-369-0999 and have your model and serial number handy so they can quickly look up your parts. They stock replacement parts for your fridge, range, dish washer and your clothes washer and dryer. When repairing your appliances don't forget to unplug your machine before making any repairs!

Until next time...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ange's Pizza has a new location in Clintonville area, Ohio

Ange's Pizza has a new location in Clintonville area, Ohio

You probably know that I love Ange's Pizza in the Columbus, Ohio area and they just opened up a new shop in Clintonville, Ohio. I had some friends and my kids with me so I just had to stop in and say hi! See Anges Pizza for website.

Here is my Medium Veggy exiting the oven... Yummy

There are now 7 Anges Pizza's in the Columbus, Ohio area!

Karl Rd            5767 Karl Road                614-888-5767

Gahanna          1018 N. Hamilton Road     614-855-9500

Hilliard             2149 Hilliard-Rome Road   614-777-9680

Powell              8747 Smokey Row Road   614-659-0988

Clintonville        4511 N. High Street         614-659-0988

Whitehall          139 S Yearling Road         614-235-0898

Noe-Bixby         2980 Noe-Bixby Road       614-864-0468

When you're in the Columbus, Ohio area and would like to taste some great pizza... Stop by one of the locations and let me know when you plan to and maybe we could meet up...  Note: The Whitehall location was the first on the scene back in the 1950's!

Again, see Anges Pizza for website.

Until next time...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

FAV6800 bearing and seal kit – washer parts

FAV6800 bearing and seal kit – washer parts
We now have available for your top loading Maytag washer the FAV6800 bearing and seal kit. There are two kits based on the first two digits of your serial number. You will need Kit 1 if your FAV6800 serial number starts with a 10 or 11. Kit 2 is for FAV6800 machines where the serial number starts with 12 and up.

In the past, you had to replace the inner basket and washer tub when the FAV6800 bearings fail or simply scrap the machine. Why scrap the machine when you can economically repair it and get additional years out of it? No special tools are required if you have a large crescent wrench. In most cases the tub seal will start leaking and that ultimately leads to the bearing failure.

Both bearing and seal kits include (2) bearings. Kit 1 includes the special one way bearing that should only let the inner basket rotate CCW by hand. See FAV6800 Bearing for more information.

www.neptunehelp.com has been offering Maytag washer repair parts for over 7 years now starting with the infamous 12002535 door latch wax motor failure on the Maytag Neptune front load washers. The Q6 and R11 repair kit we created allowed homeowners to repair their machine control board by soldering two components onto the machine control board thus saving a ton on repair bills.

After clients Maytag Neptune's started to sound like airplanes we created the Maytag Neptune Bearing and 12002022 Seal Kit. Then Whirlpool Duet and Kenmore Elite front load washer owners came to us and we created kits for their washing machines, too. Next we decided to create a new site called www.washerbearings.com as a starting point for all of the machines.

Keep in mind that if you need any appliance parts (not bearing and seal kits) you can call 1-800-369-0999 and they can get you most parts. Have your model and serial number available when you call. Note: This is a parts ordering line only.

Until next time...


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Brody Stevens and Little Esther hangin with the Neptune Man

Here is a recent photo of me with Little Esther, Tonia, Brody Stevens. I bought a Groupon for a local show in the Columbus, Ohio area and it included a photo op. I thought... What the heck… Let’s get my photo taken with a couple of well known comedians. I will tell you more about Tonia later. She is creating a helpful website that will come in very handy for a lot of people.

Speaking of websites… If you have a washing machine… I offer special bearing and seal kits for when they start to get loud which usually indicates a tub bearing failure. I even rent a cool tool for the Maytag Neptune front load washers to help you save time and effort when replacing Neptune tub bearings. You can visit my main site at www.washerbearings.com which branches out to the different models.

Since I specialize in the tub bearing and seal kits you order the bearing and seal kits only from my sites and you can order other appliance parts from 1-800-369-0999. Just have your model and serial numbers handy to help them look you your replacement parts.

I'm now officially called the "Neptune Man" and here is my song Vicky made for me http://neptunewasher.blogspot.com/2012/11/hey-neptune-man-song.html

Until next time…

Monday, February 11, 2013

Maytag Neptune Bearing Replacement - What not to do when taking your Neptune apart

Maytag Neptune Bearing Replacement - What not to do when taking your Neptune apart

I created this video for all of my Neptune Bearing clients as a tip to save you time and frustration and it has to do with the tub cover after you remove it from your machine.

For more information about how to replace bearings on your washing machine see Washer Bearings.

Don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel!

Until next time...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Donna the Deer Lady Solution - Move Deer Crossing Signs

Here is the Donna the deer lady clip...

Now, here is a followup to Donna the deer lady story...

Watch out for the deer until the hoofestrian bridges are built!

When your washer starts getting loud visit Washer Bearings for help!

Until next time...