Saturday, July 25, 2015

Kenmore Elite HE3T APS – Analog Pressure Sensor Test With 5V Power Supply – If you’re experiencing the F35 and SUD error code on your Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore Elite or Maytag front load washer then you will want to test your W10415587 water level sensor, or APS to see if it is the cause of error codes. Here's how you do it using a 5 volt power supply, test clips and multi-meter.

If you discover that your W10415587 APS has a low output reading don’t buy a new $100 pressure sensor… You can repair it with my kit. The only thing you will need to know is if it is a surface mount (SMT) pressure sensor or a through hole (HT) pressure sensor and order my repair kit. See for the analog pressure repair (APS) kit.
Don’t forget I offer replacement bearing and seal kit for these machines at my page. Don’t replace the rear tub. Replace your bearings and seal and save big time!
Leave your comments and analog pressure sensor experiences below!

Jeff Hartman
“The Neptune Man”

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Maytag Neptune Washer Not Spinning - What to Check

If you have a Maytag Neptune front load washer and it is not spinning fast or at all you could have a number of different issues. Let's take a look...

First, you need to verify the door is locking.

If you have a Neptune with timer knob and your machine has the first symptom I would check the door latch wax motor. The original MAH3000, MAH4000, MAH5500A and some 2000 stackers shipped with a faulty wax motor and when it fails it damages the machine control board and your washer will not spin because the door won’t lock anymore. See for a video that explains the faulty brown tipped wax motor better. I have Q6 R11 repair kits at my where you can repair your machine control board by replacing 2 components and the door latch wax motor

Second, you need to know if the inner basket is just rotating back and forth slowly and not even attempting to ramp up.
If you have the door locked light on and you hear the machine attempt to ramp up to 90 rpms, stop, rotate back and forth some and then attempt to ramp up again thus repeating the cycle and never getting up to full speed spin then you have an issue with the balance circuit.

The Balance Circuit:
There are 3 inertia switches in a series loop that normally are closed. If one of these switches open up (or a wire comes off) the machine will reach 90 rpms, stop, tumble back and forth a few times and then attempt to ramp up again thus repeating this pattern and never getting up to full spin cycle speed.

The most common cause of this issue is the switch located at the bottom of the large tub in front. What happens is this switch gets bumped when washing a large heavy load of laundry. Usually, to reset the switch you can wiggle the plunger and it helps to have an ohmmeter to measure if it is closed or low impedance. 

If that does not work then you can inspect for a loose wire that connects all of the switches together. If you look at your electrical diagram you will see most of the balance circuit wires are blue.

Next, the other 2 inertia switches rarely go bad but it is possible. What you can try is jumpering each one out and test washer again and if it spins up to full speed then you found the culprit.

Third, do you hear the drive motor growling when it is turning the inner stainless steel basket?

If your drive motor is growling then you more than likely have a failing motor drive control board which is located on the right side near the floor. What happens is one of the three phases fail and that only energizes two phases of the motor which electrically unbalances the motor and the motor will have less torque available. I would carefully unplug all of the wire connectors on the motor control board and the upper machine control board and re-seat them. This process will sometimes help because connectors can become oxidized which can make bad electrical connections and the wiping action will clean them. If that does not help then you will need to see the troubleshooting guide for tests you can run to help diagnose a motor or motor control board issue. You can goto  or phone 1-800-369-0999 for ordering any replacement appliance parts.

I hope this was helpful.

Leave any comments or symptoms you have in the comments below.

Jeff Hartman
“The Neptune Man”

Monday, July 13, 2015

Maytag MAH55FLBWW Bearing and Seal Kit – Where to get parts

I was recently asked if the Maytag Neptune and 12002022 seal kit would work on the MAH55FLBWW Neptune and yes, it will work as well as the special Neptune Bearing tool kit rental.

It turns out that the Maytag Neptune and 12002022 seal kit works on all of the Maytag Neptune front loaders with solid door panel (no window).  Some compatible models include the MAH3000, MAH4000, MAH5500, MAH6500, MAH7500 and commercial solid door panels, too.

Both the Neptune bearing and tub seal kit and tool kit rental include DVD’s to help you save time and effort when changing your tub bearings. You will also learn what to look out for on your Neptune to prevent a future failure, too. The Neptune’s have been out there quite a while and the most of the problems are discovered. One of the disadvantages of a new machine is you will discover the manufacturing flaws and oversights of the design.
Why would a Neptune owner want to repair their washer is another question I get on occasion and there are a number of supporting answers.
  • You could be one that desires to get the maximum life out of any appliance or machine such as a car before tossing it aside?
  • You could enjoy the learning experience of repairing your machine or even showing your son how to do it so he can learn mechanical skills and save money on service calls when his appliance fail?
  • Perhaps you don’t like to fill up the scrap yards with appliances that can be repaired?
  • Maybe you don’t have the cash on hand to purchase a new washer and dryer set and don’t want to pay financing charges?
  • If you have a stacker it will be expensive to replace since it is a washer and dryer combo unit?
  • Enjoy your option to replace bearings and seal now - Future washers will probably have a plastic welded tub and you won’t have a choice to replace the bearings and seal anymore but will have to purchase an expensive tub assembly or new washer.
Can you think of any reasons why you would want to repair your Maytag Neptune washer? If so, leave them below…
Jeff Hartman
“The Neptune Man”

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The F35 Sud Error Code in the Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer - F35 Error Repair Kit

Is your Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore Elite or Maytag Epic washer’s CCU a prime candidate for the F35 Error fix? If you have this gray CCU design then you will need to upgrade your components before you start getting the F35 or SUD error codes. This F35 repair kit includes a step by step DVD that shows you how to replace the faulty components. Don’t worry, soldering is not too hard… I’ve had 1,000’s of Maytag Neptune owners replacing their Q6 triac and R11 resistor for the faulty brown tipped wax motors for over 8 years! The DVD shows you how to do it.

Your affected Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore Elite or Maytag Epic may last 2 years or it may last 8 years like mine did before it started displaying the F35 error code. You know it is gonna fail at the worst time so I recommend proactively replacing your faulty components and not have to worry about it anymore and get on with your life.

Don’t forget I also offer the replacement washer bearings at where you can replace your worn tub seal and bearings and keep your machine running for less.

Have you been bitten by the F35 and SUD error bug? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!
Jeff Hartman
“The Neptune Man”

Friday, July 3, 2015

F35 Error Code Kenmore Elite HE3T - Repair kit and advice

Wow! It finally happened… I started getting F35 errors and the SUD error on my Kenmore Elite HE3T Steam front load washer.
It started when I booted my Kenmore 70 series top loader washer and dryerfor the Kenmore Elite HE3T front load washer and dryer back on November 16, 2008. It is now July, 2015.
Here is the post on the new replacement HE3T front load washer and dryerback on November 30, 2008 that shows the brand new Kenmore Elite washer and dryer. Note: I had to stack them
The HE3T steam washer has been dutifully washing my clothes until now… The washer has been shutting down for the F35 and sud error. Every time I successfully got it to start a load I wondered if it was my last load.
The last load finally came last Thursday. No more resetting the machine by unplugging it, kicking it did not work either ;) .
I discovered a solution and I created a low cost F35 error kit to show you how to repair your Whirlpool Duet/Kenmore Elite/Maytag Epic washer if you have the F35 and sud code happening. This kit will work 99% of the time and save you an expensive service call because you can do yourself and save. If you call a service man he will replace your pressure sensor or the CCU control unit. Try the low cost kit first and see if it works for you!
This is not my first repair kit for washers by the way… I created the STAGE 1 kit for the Maytag Neptune front loaders back in 2006 and helped Neptune owners save over a million dollars in service calls by repairing their Neptune door latch wax motor issue. Later my clients started asking me why their Neptune sounds like a jet plane taking off when it enters the spin cycles. I created the Neptune bearing and 12002022 seal kit and offer a special tool kit for replacing the tub bearings and seal saving Neptune owners about $700 on that repair!
If you have suffered the F35 and SUD error leave your comments below on how you corrected the error.

Jeff Hartman
“The Neptune Man”