Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Maytag Neptune Bearing Tony Tool - Testimonials

Maytag Neptune Bearing Tony Tool - Testimonials

Ok, I have to just pass these along... Here are a couple of Neptune owners that recently rented the Tony Tool and saved over $700 by replacing their bearings!

"Just wanted you to know the tonytool worked great. Neptune washer is up and running again. Received tonytool on monday sept 28 repaired washer on tuesday sept 29 mailed tonytool back wednesday morning sept 30 by priority mail. I was considering scraping the washer before seeing your site. The bearing replacement job is nothing a person with average mechanical skills can't do. Thanks for all your help"

Curtis F.

"The Tony Tool system is superb. The installation process went forward without a problem. The tool worked flawlessly. The additional tools like the snap ring pliers and wire brush were nice touches. The DVD step by step instructions made reading instructions unnecessary. Although I’d worked on old style Maytags before, the Neptune was new to me. Even so, I completed the whole job including clean-up in less than 2 hours. All the parts needed were included; nothing was overlooked. I’d definitely do business with you guys again! Thanks."

Mark Baker

As you can see the Tony Tool is the solution for your 'Out of Control' Neptune bearings... The Tony Tool is available at along with bulk bearing and 12002022 seal kits.

Don't forget to change your 12002535 door latch wax motor when you have it apart... All of the Neptune front loaders with timer knob run the risk of damaging R11 and Q6 on the machine control board. See for the cool video that explains the issue.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IRS Warning Emails and other computer hazzards...

Hi Neptuners,

You know better than to click on links in unexpected emails.... right?

If the IRS sends you an email don't click on the link... I recieved an email today and if you click on it you will be whisked away to a site that will undoubtedly feed your computer a virus or trojan.

And a reminder – it is best to avoid opening .zip files you receive in emails. A lot of times these will appear to come from UPS, DHL or FedEx with a note about a package that could not be delivered. The .zip file contains an executable attachment which will infect your PC. Companies will not send notices to customers in .zip files.

Finally, and most important (and thus, in bold and in red) – if you go to a website or click a link or open an attachment (or you’re just sitting there minding your own business) and a notice pops up on your screen that says something like “Warning! Your computer is infected” – it might be accompanied by an animation showing a scan and an increasing number of threats – DON’T CLICK ANYTHING. Clicking the graphic may download malware to your PC (even clicking the X that typically shuts down a window).

Things you can do are:

· Press and hold the ALT button and tap F4 to close all open windows until the computer shuts down. (You’ll hold the ALT button down the whole time.)

· If you know pressing your power button briefly shuts your PC off, you can do that instead. (Sometimes this puts a computer into hibernation mode – typically, in computers that came with XP or newer installed, its shuts them down.)

· If the network cable is easy to get to you could unplug it before the ALT-F4 step.

· If the ALT-F4 and power button items don’t work, press the power button in until the computer shuts down.

Good luck and keep your computer safe...

Keep your Maytag Neptune safe as well... See for Neptune information.

Until next time...

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Maytag Neptune Bearing Service in Central Texas

Maytag Neptune Bearing Service in the Central Texas area - Call Steven @ 972-639-2520 because he can replace your Neptune front loader bearings using the Tony Tool and save you money.

To see Steven's listing goto

For more info see