Tuesday, September 16, 2014

110.73012101 Kenmore Elite dryer not heating, gas dryer no heat, how to fix a dryer

Appliance Parts - My friend was having a dryer issue where it would not dry the clothes or it was taking longer to dry so I stopped by to take a look at it. I went ahead and brought a replacement gas dryer ignitor or hot surface ignitor (HSI) with me because that is a common part to fail since they thermally cycle in their normal operation and eventually wear out. This particular dryer had the lower kick panel so I can remove it and have a good view of the gas valve assembly. When I was there watching it… of course it worked without failure.

About a week later they called again so I stopped by and took another look. When I first started up dryer the HSI ignitor glowed and the gas valve clicked and she fired up. I waited until the gas valve shut off and wanted to see if it would relight properly. It turns out… it lit properly sometimes and sometimes not. Knowing that the common dryer problems are the ignitor and coils on the gas valve I would focus on the coils because the ignitor is glowing just fine.

Next, I ordered the 279834 coil set and changed them out and that was the problem. You can order from Appliance Parts or call toll free 1-800-369-0999. Have your model and serial number available when you call.

Don’t forget safety when working on appliances. Make sure you unplug the power cord before opening the appliance. When changing the 279834 coils… Be aware that there is a metal sleeve on the post that has the 3 terminal coil on it. Make sure you have that metal sleeve on the post because it can come off with the old coil and remain inside it. That valve post with the 3 terminal coil needs to have the metal sleeve on it to work properly. Don’t lose the metal sleeve because I don’t believe you can order that part and you will probably have to order a new gas valve to get one.

Thanks to this easy and low cost repair we saved another appliance from the grave yard! Tip: I had to use a short stubby Philips screwdriver in order to get the bracket off that clamps the coils down. Otherwise, I would have had to take the machine apart. If you don’t have the separate kick panel on the bottom on your dryer you will have to dive deeper into the dis assembly process to get to the gas valve assembly.

By the way… I measured the new coils and the old coils with an ohmmeter.

New Coil #1 (3 terminal)                              Old Coil #1
1-2 = 2.97K Ohms                                             1-2 = Open
2-3= 3.54K Ohms                                              2-3= Open
1-3= 2.1K Ohms                                                                1-3= 727 Ohms

New Coil #2 (2 terminal)                              Old Coil #2
1-2 = 1.45K ohms                                              1.276K ohms

We can now understand why the dryer was failing to activate the gas valve properly… The old coil with 3 terminals has opened up internally.

I hope this post helped you get your dryer repaired and back in operation with minimal cost and effort.

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Thank you,

Jeff Hartman