Friday, October 24, 2014

Jeff Hartman Suggests A Way To Give Back If I Have Helped You Save Money

Jeff Hartman, “The Neptune Man” created this video to give you a different perspective about spending money. I also receive questions from clients who want to give back whether they purchased something from me or ended up on any of my videos or blogs and saved a ton of money on their appliance repair. I suggest a way to do so in this video.

 Keep in mind that I have a gift of solving problems… I also can help with your electronic projects and I have manufacturing experience in the electronics industry so maybe I can be of assistance to you? Contact me if you need help by checking out my profile… Please don’t use the comments to ask for help. However, you can leave your comments or questions in the comments section…

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 Jeff Hartman
“The Neptune Man”

Monday, October 20, 2014

Frigidaire PLEF489ACA Range Parts – Glass Cooktop, Heating Element and Other Parts

If you own a PLEF489ACA Range and need replacement parts you can simply click on link and enter your model number to get a breakdown of all parts available for your model. The last time I checked the replacement glass cook tops and heating elements are available for the Frigidaire PLEF489 series of ranges. 

Here are all of the Frigidaire PLEF489 series models:

 I hope this video was helpful to you.

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 Jeff Hartman

 Jeff Hartman is known as “The Neptune Man” for offering Maytag Neptune washer parts to save homeowner’s Millions of dollars by repairing their own washers and dryers. See and for more appliance repair information. He now offers money saving bearing and seal kits for other makes and models at

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Maytag Neptune MAH4000 Spin Cycle Power Draw Via Kill A Watt Power Meter Before Tub Bearing Swap

 I was playing with a Kill A Watt power meter and a MAH4000 Maytag Neptune washer to see how much power the Neptune was drawing with an empty basket. I was trying to determine if the power draw could be an indicator that the seal and bearings have failed. This power check was before the bearing replacement…

I also performed the power draw check after the bearing replacement. Go ahead and watch the video.

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 Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman is known as “The Neptune Man” for offering Maytag Neptune washer parts to save homeowner’s Millions of dollars by repairing their own washers and dryers. See and for more appliance repair information. He now offers money saving bearing and seal kits for other makes and models at

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

AED Defibrillator – Zoll AED Plus Demonstration - what is AED?

AED stands for Automatic External Defibrillator and they can mean survival to someone experiencing a cardiac arrest. Portable defibrillators are more affordable today and they are easier to use due to voice technology and don’t be surprised when you see an AED for home use...

You may be asking … What is a defibrillator? Here is a blurb I found online… “An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm. If needed, it can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. AEDs are used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).”

I recently replaced AED batteries in a Zoll AED Plus and here is a short video I created as a demonstration for you based on Zoll’s website. The battery swap was very easy and only happens every 5 years on this particular Zoll AED plus model. The earlier Zoll AED Plus models with software 5.18 or less need to be replaced every 3 years.

The voice sound is pretty loud on the Zoll AED Plus because it has to be heard in a number of environments.

I hope this video was helpful to you.

Do you know anyone who was given a second chance by an AED during a sudden cardiac arrest?

Jeff Hartman

Jeff Hartman is known as “The Neptune Man” for offering Maytag Neptune washer parts to save homeowner’s Millions of dollars by repairing their own washers and dryers. See and  for more appliance repair information. He now offers money saving bearing and seal kits for other makes and models at

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

110.73012101 Kenmore Elite dryer not heating, gas dryer no heat, how to fix a dryer

Appliance Parts - My friend was having a dryer issue where it would not dry the clothes or it was taking longer to dry so I stopped by to take a look at it. I went ahead and brought a replacement gas dryer ignitor or hot surface ignitor (HSI) with me because that is a common part to fail since they thermally cycle in their normal operation and eventually wear out. This particular dryer had the lower kick panel so I can remove it and have a good view of the gas valve assembly. When I was there watching it… of course it worked without failure.

About a week later they called again so I stopped by and took another look. When I first started up dryer the HSI ignitor glowed and the gas valve clicked and she fired up. I waited until the gas valve shut off and wanted to see if it would relight properly. It turns out… it lit properly sometimes and sometimes not. Knowing that the common dryer problems are the ignitor and coils on the gas valve I would focus on the coils because the ignitor is glowing just fine.

Next, I ordered the 279834 coil set and changed them out and that was the problem. You can order from Appliance Parts or call toll free 1-800-369-0999. Have your model and serial number available when you call.

Don’t forget safety when working on appliances. Make sure you unplug the power cord before opening the appliance. When changing the 279834 coils… Be aware that there is a metal sleeve on the post that has the 3 terminal coil on it. Make sure you have that metal sleeve on the post because it can come off with the old coil and remain inside it. That valve post with the 3 terminal coil needs to have the metal sleeve on it to work properly. Don’t lose the metal sleeve because I don’t believe you can order that part and you will probably have to order a new gas valve to get one.

Thanks to this easy and low cost repair we saved another appliance from the grave yard! Tip: I had to use a short stubby Philips screwdriver in order to get the bracket off that clamps the coils down. Otherwise, I would have had to take the machine apart. If you don’t have the separate kick panel on the bottom on your dryer you will have to dive deeper into the dis assembly process to get to the gas valve assembly.

By the way… I measured the new coils and the old coils with an ohmmeter.

New Coil #1 (3 terminal)                              Old Coil #1
1-2 = 2.97K Ohms                                             1-2 = Open
2-3= 3.54K Ohms                                              2-3= Open
1-3= 2.1K Ohms                                                                1-3= 727 Ohms

New Coil #2 (2 terminal)                              Old Coil #2
1-2 = 1.45K ohms                                              1.276K ohms

We can now understand why the dryer was failing to activate the gas valve properly… The old coil with 3 terminals has opened up internally.

I hope this post helped you get your dryer repaired and back in operation with minimal cost and effort.

While you are here… I offer bearing and seal kits for washers at my If you have a Maytag Neptune, Whirlpool Duet, Kenmore Elite and others you can save big time and keep your machine out of the grave yard and keep more cash in your wallet!

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Jeff Hartman

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Duet WFW9410XW00 Bearing and Tub Seal

Duet WFW9410XW00 Bearing and Tub Seal

Whirlpool Duet WFW9410XW00 owners… If your washing machine is sounding like a freight train then you will need to swap your bearings and tub seal. Once you notice it getting louder it is best to quit using it so you don’t cause more damage to machine.

If you happen to damage your Duet’s support bracket (spider) shaft you can remove it from stainless steel inner basket and take it to a machine shop to be repaired. They could install a sleeve or weld up then machine back down to correct diameter for new bearing. If the seal seat on the shaft is damaged then I don’t know of any repairs at this time for those since they are glued to the support bracket shaft.

The WFW9410XW00 bearing replacement is performed without any special tools and you should be able to complete it in 2 - 3 hours. You will need some room to disassemble machine because the tub is large and you will need room to separate it so you can take out the inner basket and support bracket. It also helps to remove the 3 counter weights to make the tub more manageable.

You can order your WFW9410XW00 tub bearings and seal at These kits are shipped via US Priority Mail.

Here are some additional models this kit will work on:

MHWE400WJ00 , MHWE400WJ01 , MHWE400WR00 , MHWE400WR01 , MHWE400WW00 , MHWE400WW01 , MHWE450WJ00 , MHWE450WJ01 , MHWE450WR00 , MHWE450WR01 , MHWE450WW00 , MHWE450WW01 , MHWE550WJ00 , MHWE550WJ01 , MHWE550WR00 , MHWE550WR01 , MHWE550WW00 , MHWE550WW01 , MHWE950WW00 , NFW7600XW00

WFW9410XW00 , WFW9451XW00 , WFW9470WL00 , WFW9470WL01 , WFW9470WR00 WFW9470WR01 , WFW9470WW00 , WFW9470WW01 , WFW9550WL10 , WFW9550WW10 , WFW9630YW00 , WFW9640XW00 , WFW9750WL00 , WFW9750WL01 WFW9750WL02 , WFW9750WR00 , WFW9750WR01 , WFW9750WR02 , WFW9750WW00 WFW9750WW01 , WFW9750WW02

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Jeff Hartman

Monday, June 30, 2014

led lights - Litepods Night light system

led lights

Here is an led light you can install in your home to light up your hallways and stairs. They are powered by 6 volts and can have a battery backup added for more safety and convenience. You can add up to (40) Litepods Emitters to a system which should cover most homes. These are considered low voltage lighting and night lights. 

To install you simply run 22-2 wire from one location which could be in a closet or basement. That location should have 120 VAC outlet nearby or at least one close enough to run a 22-2 wire to so you can connect to the power supply. When running your wires... you can home run all of the wires from each Litepods Emitter or you can daisy chain them. You can also run a 22-2 wire from your basement to attic then attach to a LPTB board with is a terminal block board so you can connect the Litepods Emitters to the LPTB board. You will drill a 3/4" hole with a paddle bit and you can then pull the wire through. Next, you make your connections with the B connectors. Once you make all of your connections you can then power up the system.

Don't forget to run a 22-2 wire to a widow for the light sensor. You could keep the Litepods on all of the time if you cannot conveniently run a wire for the light sensor since they draw very little power. With the LPLS board you can use a switch, relay or open collector transistor to turn Litepods on and off if you don't want to use the light sensor.

Below is a typical system you would need to get started.

In hallways, I would recommend placing the Litepods Emitters every 3 to 5 feet depending on how much light you would like.

I hope this helped you.

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Jeff Hartman

P.S. Remember you can order appliance parts by calling 1-800-369-0999. Have your model and serial number available when you call so the parts specialist can look up your model.