Sunday, May 30, 2010

My washer fills with water when off

My washer fills with water when off?

Usually this situation is caused by a failing water valve assembly. I just published a new site at Washer fills with water when off that has some solutions for you.

This can create some problems such as water flowing on the floor depending on how bad the leak is or when it is noticed. I always recommend that you turn off your water supply valves when leaving on vacation in case of a machine or water hose failure.

I would also unplug the power cord as well before you vacation, even if you have a surge suppressor on your washer. I have Maytag Neptune owners who went on vacation and arrived home to a dead Neptune because of a close lightning strike while they were out. You just never know...

So check out Washer fills with water when off to learn more.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whirlpool Duet Bearing Replacement

Whirlpool Duet Bearings and seal kits are now available!

Since I have been helping Maytag Neptune front load washer owners save hundreds of thousands of dollars on Maytag Neptune Parts it is time to help the Whirlrpool Duet front load washer owners save too!

Duet owners can now purchase the replacement bearings and seal for their Duet washers at Duet Bearing.

I can also get you a quote for any part for the Duets as well... Just send me an email with the part number, if you have it, and I will save you even more money!

If you know anyone with a Duet front load washer please pass this information along to them so they can save money on their washer repair.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maytag Neptune Washer Repair Help - I'm so Embarrassed!

Wow, I checked under my fridge and look what I found! How embarrassing!

Pretty gross... huh?

I immediately grabbed my Dyson vacuum and a fridge coil brush and started cleaning.

Below is the 'after' picture...

It is important to keep your fridge coils clean. Your compressor will thank you and you will save energy as well.

Here is the fridge coil brush I used in the photo.

You can also use this brush to pull the lint out of your dryer, too.

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Calling all Maytag Neptune Front Load Washer Owners!

If you have a timer knob (non digital) on your Neptune then you need to know about the faulty door latch wax motor issue. See Neptune Help Song for a video that explains what happens when this component fails.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maytag Neptune Motor Conversion Kit- 12002039

Maytag Neptune Motor Conversion Kit- 12002039

Hi Neptuners!

Does your Neptune front load washer shut down a few seconds after pushing the start button?

If so, it is possible that your Motor Control Board (MCB) has failed.

I just put up a Maytag Neptune Motor Conversion Kit site that has troubleshooting tips on it and if necessary, you can purchase the replacement Motor and MCB. Maytag redesigned both the motor and MCB so they are not compatible with the original parts as they use a different technology on the motor drive system. Most customers comment on how the new motor drive is quieter than the original motor drive. This new motor drive fits all solid door panel Neptune's including the Stackers.

Don't forget to replace your door latch wax motor (12002535) if you have a timer (non digital) Neptune front loader and you have not replaced it yet. See Neptune Help for the wax motor information.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Maytag Neptune Front Load Spinner Support - W10181639

Maytag Neptune Front Load Spinner Support - W10181639

Hi Neptuners!

Does your Neptune Sound like a rock tumbler? If so, it is possible one of the three bolts snapped on your spinner support where it bolts to the stainless steel inner tub. In these cases, you can try to get a new stainless steel bolt and nut and see if you can repair it... but if it does not work you can replace your spinner support.

I just put up a Maytag Neptune Spinner site where you can purchase it directly. The new W10181639 spinner support even comes with a 'revised lip' seal kit so if you need bearings, see Neptune Help to order replacement bearings for your solid door panel Neptune without the 12002022 seal kit and save some money.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Recycled Maytag Neptune Timer- MAH3000AWW

MAH3000AWW - Serial number starts with 25

Hi Neptuners!

Well, I had a Neptuner that has a bad timer on his MAH3000 due to the wax motors in the soap dispenser shorting out. Below is a link to a recycled Neptune timer which will save you money verses buying a brand new timer which list for about $115.00. This timer should work on all of the MAH3000 Neptune front load washers.

There are 2 contacts that power the bleach and softener wax motors in the soap dispenser. When these original wax motors fail by shorting out it can damage these contacts due the excessive current flowing until the circuit breaker trips.

If you have a Maytag Neptune MAH3000 with a serial starting with 10 thru 25, you need to replace your wax motors before they short out and run the risk of damaging your timer. You can order new 12002535 wax motors from Neptune Help. Don't forget the door latch wax motor, too. Keep in mind that you have 3 wax motors in your MAH3000 with serial number 10 thru 25.

Here is the recycled timer link...

Recycled Maytag Neptune MAH3000 Timer

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