Saturday, June 20, 2009

Maytag Neptune Bearing - I Shipped A Tony Tool to Canada

Maytag Neptune Bearing Update - I just shipped my first Tony Tool rental kit to Canada via UPS Ground. The location I shipped it to was Glen Huron, Ontario Canada.

It is no surprise because there is a large number of Maytag Neptune owners in Canada that I have sold the Q6 & R11 repair kits to. I have received a number of tool rental requests but I declined to ship the tools to Canada for a number of reasons...

1. The UPS Ground shipping time will be greater than the Flat Rate Priority Mail I use for the domestic orders which ties up the tool for longer. It weighed 15 pounds which tells me David is getting the solid steel knock out plug...

2. Customs - Getting the tools through customs was concerning because these were rental and we should not have to pay duty on them when you declare the value of $425.00.

3. I also included a bearing spacer just in case David's spacer is damaged or corroded.

4. DVD - I don't know if the Tony Tool DVD will play in Canadian players because DVDs have a country code.

5. Shipping expense - The UPS Ground shipping expense was about $35.00 USD Verses $15.55 for Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping in the States. I will have to hold back more of the refund to cover the additional shipping expense to Canada or get a higher deposit up front.

To rap it up... Before we get excited about renting the Neptune Bearing Tony Tool to Neptune owners in Canada let's see what happens with David's Neptune and see if I get the tool back from Customs, etc.

In the meantime, if you are in the States you can order your Tony Tool rental at

Until next time...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Maytag Neptune Bearing Tony Tool Update

Maytag neptune bearing information - The Maytag Neptune Bearing Tony Tool has been improved!

Could this be a dumb bell?

I believe it could be! But more importantly... The original PVC knockout plug has been upgraded to solid steel!
The biggest issue with the Tony Tool has been the PVC Knockout plug because it would crack near the top lip and folks who rented the tool kit at would call or email me apologizing and offering to buy a new one. I would just explain to them that it was not an issue and don't worry about it.

I just figured that you Neptune owners were taking your frustrations out on the knock out plug like a stress relieving squeeze toy. But no, Tony mentioned that his personal PVC knock out plug was cracked too and that it still worked great for getting the front bearing out. Tony decided that it was time to improve his Neptune bearing tool kit.

By the way, the latest three Tony Tools I added to my rental fleet have the new solid steel knock out plug. When you rent the tony tool you may or may not get the steel knock out plug.
I also offer the tool kit and bulk bearings for Neptune technicians at

Until next time...

Friday, June 12, 2009

front load washers - Maytag Neptune Update

Front load washers are here to stay! Do you own an earlier Maytag Neptune front loader? If so, you need to be aware of some reliability issues.

First, the door latch wax motor is probably the most problematic component on the Neptune. The original devices short out over time and burn the R11 resistor and the Q6 triac on the machine control board. You can prevent your R11 & Q6 failure by proactively replacing your faulty door latch wax motor. The part number is 12002535 and you can purchase the new replacement at

If you have a MAH3000 Neptune, you could have 3 wax motors in there waiting to fail... The soap dispenser on the earlier MAH3000's have 2 wax motors that control the bleach and softener flow and should be replaced.

The original wax motors have the brownish color actuator pin and the new design has the black pin.

Next, we will talk about the next item you should be aware of being a Neptuner.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maytag Washer Update - Fatal Friday for Analog TV

Hi Neptuners,

Well, the time has come to kill the analog tv signal...

Friday, June 12th is the last day for the analog television broadcasting and you can bet that there will be confusion when folks' non-digital tvs won't work anymore. If you remember, we were going to lose the analog signal back in February, 2009 but the government decided to extend the switch off for 4 more months due to folks not being prepared for the switch over.

At least until they purchase the digital tv converter box which will receive the digital transmission and converter it to channel 3 or 4 like the VCRs and DVD players do. You can get a coupon for $40 off which makes the box like $10.00.

Can you remember back when color tv sets were added... At least your black and white set still worked with the new color signal because the engineers made them compatible without upgrading the black and white receivers. With the new digital transition, it was impossible to make an analog tv receive and decode the digital signals without any hardware upgrades. The low-cost converter box was the only solution.

Otherwise, if you have a cable box then you will be good to go and probably are enjoying the digital tv already.

If you own a Maytag washer, specifically the Neptune Front Loader please check out before the faulty door latch wax motor kills your washer... If you proactively replace the door latch wax motor, part number 12002535, then you can prevent the failure from happening in the first place. We can't make your Neptune go digital but we can keep it running longer!

Monday, June 1, 2009

It looks like the Neptune Bearing Song votes are in...

Here is the song update:

It looks like the Neptune Bearing Song was Pretty Good according to your votes.

We only had one not impressed?

This particular song is on the site if you would like to hear it again...

There is another song in the works for the site which is for Neptune service technicians. It is where they can purchase the Neptune Bearing Tool (Tony Tool) and bearings in bulk. If you talk to any technicians that suggest to you that you cannot change the bearings, send them there and educate them...

Don't forget when your Neptune Bearings start singin' and a screamin' you can replace your Neptune bearings and save lots of money!