Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Maytag Neptune Dryer 8.8 Error Code

Have you received the 8.8 Error code on your Maytag Neptune dryer?

If so, in a pinch you can try placing a heating pad on the top console to heat it up and see if that will get your dryer working again for now...  However, you will more than likely keep getting this error until the root cause is fixed.

If you don't have a heating pad you can try a hair dryer or space heater as well. Just have the heat facing the top control console to warm it up a bit and try to start your cycle.

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I would inspect the two electrolytic caps (look like taller cylinders) just right of the transformer on the left side of circuit board for any bulging on the top of capacitor. Sometimes the capacitors will not bulge so I would try replacing them anyway as a first step before trying to locate a replacement circuit board.

If you decide to replace your board you can check HERE for your new replacement board. Simply enter your model number in the search box to get a parts breakdown.

Let me know if this helps you below in the comments.
Jeff Hartman
"The Neptune Man"

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Washer Displaying Eb1 or E61 Error Code

I recently had a client where their Kenmore washer, model 417.44082400, was displaying the E61 error code. It turned out that I could not find an E61 code so we decided it was the EB1 code instead. Note: There are a number of washers that use this same code...
The EB1 code means incoming power frequency out of limits. It is unlikely that your 120vac 60hz is out of frequency limits unless you are running on a generator because the power company closely monitors the frequency of the power you receive.
Currently the only thing to do is replace the control board. Check HERE for your replacement board. I would like to look at some bad circuit boards to see what may be causing the eb1 error code when the AC power is actually good.
Below is what your control board may look like…
eb1 error code kenmore washer

Let me know if you had the eb1 error code and if you fixed it by replacing your control board.

Jeff Hartman
“The Neptune Man”

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