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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Whirlpool Washer F35 Error code - Repair Kit Feedback

Have you repaired your Whirlpool built washer with the www.F35Error.com kit? Remember, Whirlpool manufactures a number of different brands such as Whirlpool Duets, Kenmore Elites and Maytag washers.

Please leave a comment on your washer F35 repair experience and let me know the following:

1. If you first tried replacing your APS (analog pressure sensor) and if so, how long did it last before you experienced the F35 error code again?
2. Did you perform the F35 Error kit or the APS repair kit, or both?
3. How long did it take to perform the repair?
4. Did you receive a quote on what the repair would have cost?

Thank you,

Jeff Hartman
"The Neptune Man"

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