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Monday, August 11, 2008

Maytag MAH3000AWW MAH4000AWW Neptune Washer Does Not Spin

Here is another blog question regarding the Maytag Neptune no spin failure taken from the appliance junk site...

"This Maytag MAH3000AWW Neptune washer would not spin. During the spin cycle the door lock light would come on and the main motor would run, but the washer just would not take off and spin.

This is often a simple and easy repair, but not cheap. You can help save yourself some money by doing the repair yourself. The first thing you will want to do is disconnect the power to the washer. Simply unplug the power cord.

Next remove the three screws on top of the control counsel. With the three screws removed you will be able to tip the control panel forward and look at the electronic control board behind the timer.

Most often then not the resistor marked R-11 is burnt up. If this is the case you will need to replace the machine control board.

The reason the R-11 resistor burnt up is because the wax motor in the door lock is also bad, so you will need to replace it too.

This same “No Spin” problem also happens with the MAH4000 series Maytag Neptune washers."

Here is my response:

If you replace only the R11 and not the Q6 triac then R11 will smoke again and you can cause further damage to the control board. The Q6 triac must be replaced when R11 burns!

The forum does not know this because they are not experts on the Maytag Neptunes. I also don't like how they hide the real Maytag part numbers so you can't compare prices... This is deceptive marketing and usually indicates their prices are inflated.

You can get the R11 and Q6 repair kit along with the wax motor at

If after you replace the R11 and Q6 and the machine will not fill with water then the control board will have to be replaced (along with the 12002535 wax motor) You can order a new control board here

Here are some control board numbers:

MAH3000 serial number starting with (10 to 16) - 12001725
MAH3000 serial number starting with (17 and up) - 22002988
MAH4000 - 22002989
MAH5500AWW - 22002989

If you have a 2000 stacker series please contact me and I can look up your control board part number.

Don't forget that the older MAH3000's have two more wax motors in the dispenser area that will eventually fail, too. If your serial number starts with (26) then you should be OK since Maytag incorporated the bleach and softener functions into the water valve assembly.


bobcrmn said...

I just replaced a bad r43 on a Mle2000ayw. I used an 18K, 1/4 watt, 5% carbon type resistor It cost me 4 cents. r11 and q6 appeared fine. Wax motor is the newer one. I had no blown fuse on the motor control board. All I could find wrong was the r43.
4 CENTS!!!

solarshading said...

I have a 1998 MLG2000AWW Neptune stacker. It will not fill nor spin. The door locked light works and the light in the dryer. I replaced the water inlet valve but this did not fix it.When you press the start button ,with the Timer in any position, there is a loud fast clicking noise(relay??). I don't know what to try next. Machine Control Board, Timer.
Ant diagnostic advice would be very gratefully received.

Jeff said...

Hi Tony,

Can you send me your contact info to


Brad Ovard said...

I have a neptune that isn't doing the high speed spin at the end of the cycle. It agitates in alternate directions a few times and then shuts off. I checked the R11 resistor which looks to be okay. Any ideas what else might cause this problem?

Thanks, Brad

Jeff said...

Hi Brad,

If you have the original brown tipped wax motor in the door latch I would recommend replacing it asap.

You did not mention if the door locked light comes on when it should be in spin cycle... Send me an email at so we can figure out what is happening.


Bob Carman said...

Hey Brad, I left the first comment in this thread. My neptune stackable was doing the same as yours. It was a loose connection in the back that caused the R43 to go out. I could only access where the loose connection was by taking off the plate where the water hoses go in and feeling around the corner. I couldn't even see the connector from any other angle.I just tightened the connector and taped it and replaced the R43

cornicello said...

Ordered the parts on Monday (a holiday), had them in hand on Wednesday afternoon, washer back up and running on Thursday. Thanks!!